Tokyo Xanadu eX+ for Nintendo Switch: all the latest details, videos, and pictures

On June 29th, Nihon Falcom will release their latest game on Nintendo Switch: Tokyo Xanadu eX+ for Nintendo Switch, a port of Tokyo Xanadu. And in the weeks leading to launch, they’re planning to share various details, videos and pictures about the game.

In this post, you will find all the latest details, videos, and pictures for Tokyo Xanadu eX+ for Nintendo Switch in one place. It will be updated on a regular basis, so keep checking back!

June 26th

Clouded Leopad Entertainment has shared another video for Tokyo Xanadu eX+ for Nintendo Switch, once again showcaing Turbo Mode. This time, we get to see it at work during a boss battle!

June 19th

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ for Nintendo Switch features a Turbo Mode that allows you to speed things up if you find battles too slow to your tastes. The video below shows 1x speed, then moves on to 1.5x speed, and then ends with 2x speed.

Also, here’s some more character profiles:


Rion is a popular high school student, an idol with coquettish looks and behavior. She is a member of the five-girl idol group SPiKA, and despite her light appearance, she is a hard worker.

Shio Takahata

Shio Takahata is incredibly strong, as well as Morimiya High School’s number one delinquent. He used to be the leader of the delinquent group “BLAZE,” but a year has passed since he stepped down.

Mitsuki Hokuto

Mitsuki Hokuto is the student council president of Morimiya High School and daughter of the “Hokuto Group,” Japan’s leading enterprise. She has a kind personality, but she’s also skilled in the art of negotiation.


Yuuki is a prodigy , and a Morimiya High School freshman who excels in programming and hacking. Yuuki developed a fortune-telling app called “As God Says”, which becomes the root of an incident he gets caught up in.


Sora, Kou’s younger sister, is a student at Morimiya High and a member of the karate club. Rifts start to emerge between her and the senior members due to the influence of the other dimension.


When Kou sees someone in trouble, he will stick his neck out to help them, which is known to land him in trouble, as is the case when he sees Asuka that fateful night.

Asuka Hiiragi

Meet Asuka Hiiragi, Kou’s class president who is a returnee from the US. Aside from her normal school activities, she seems to be investigating incidents related to the Other World for a group that owns the Soul Device.

June 13th

Soul Device are special weapons that “chosen” people with ties to the Other World can summon at will. The shape of each Soul Device is eminently unique.

A Soul Device is made of materials from the Other World and spirit particles. They’re quite effective against the Greed, which are otherwise immune to physical attacks.

May 30th

Rem is a mysterious girl that travels between worlds. Behind her smile, you can see a certain ephemerality. Her nationality, gender, and age are a complete mystery. It’s even unclear whether she’s truly human.

“As for the “Power”, it’s inside you. Now, draw it out.”

May 23rd

White Shroud is one of the playable characters in Tokyo Xanadu eX+ for Nintendo Swithc. A mysterious knights who belongs to the Kronos Orden. His attribute is Light, which means he has the advantage against all other attributes (Fire, Spirit, Wind, Steel) except Shadow.

May 22nd

Sora Ikushima is a girl with a pure heart and a serious personality, and a member of the karate club. Her father was an instructor in the ancient “Ikushima Style” of karate, which may be why she’s demonstrated a talent for martial arts from a very young age.

May 16th

Here’s two character profiles:

  • Mitsuki Hokuto (voiced by Haruka Yamazaki in Japanese) is the daughter of the Hokuto Group, a big corporation. She has a gentle personality, but thanks to her studying leadership since she was a child, her negotiations skills are nothing to sniff at, and she isn’t afraid of saying what needs to be said. She seems to know a lot about Asuka Hiiragi (a transfer student, and a member of a certain organisation) and the Other World.
  • Towa Kokonoe (voiced by Ai Nonaka in Japanese) is a new teacher who looks like a junior high-school student. Despite her young age, she was appointed homeroom teacher for second year students, and her abilities are without pair. She even serves as a Comitty Advisor, and grade chief counselor. And that’s not all: she also helps her grandfather by working as a shrine maiden at the Kokone Shrine on weekends, and she even teaches Kokonoe-style Jujutsu at the local dojo.

Also, we got some details about Xiphone: a type of personal information terminal that can be used to access various information services, not just to place calls. It offers various apps such as SNS and games. It also offers an authentification system that makes use of the owner’s biometric information, and more and more services and security systems that make use of that particular feature.

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ for Nintendo Switch (Switch) comes out on June 29th in Japan.


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