Theatrhythm Dragon Quest: second trailer, demo coming out next week in Japan

Theatrhythm Dragon Quest comes out in roughly 3 weeks in Japan, and Square-Enix has prepared a demo version for the game: it will be available next week (March 11th) on the Japanese eShop. This demo will include two tracks:

– Voyage of Adventure (from Dragon Quest III) [FMS]
– Senka wo Majiete (from Dragon Quest V) [BMS]

But that’s not all: Square-Enix has also revealed a brand new trailer for the game (the second one, actually). It shows the various kind of tracks (Field Music, pretty much like those from Theatrhythm Final Fantasy; Battle Music, with a 1st person view), the Sugoroku boards and much more. It also gives us a nice preview of some of the tracks included in the game (roughly 60 in total, from Dragon Quest I to X).

Here is the trailer:

Theatrhythm Dragon Quest (3DS) comes out on March 26th in Japan.



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