The Super Mario Bros. Movie grosses nearly 11 billion Yen in Japan, was #1 movie this past week-end

Another week, another press release from Toho sharing some details about the performance of the Super Mario Bros. Movie in Japan! According to the company (who distributes it in that country), the movie found its way back to the top of the box office during the past week-end (June 2nd to June 4th). It’s the 5th time since launch that the movie has claimed that spot.

To be precise, the movie grossed 576,075,390 yen / $4,114,889 during that week-end, down from 742,808,730 Yen / $5,383,781 during the previous weekend. This brings total sales to 10,961,331,310 Yen / $78,296,461.

Thanks to that strong week-end performance, the Super Mario Bros. Movie actually moved up in the all-time box office rankings since Toho’s previous PR on June 1st:

  • 4th most successful western animated movie (was ranked #5 as of June 1st)
  • 17th most successful animated movie (western + Japanese) (was ranked #18 as of June 1st)
  • 37th most successful movie (was ranked #40 as of June 1st)

Worldwide, the movie is still doing quite well: it’s now grossed over $1.3billion ($1,300,232,270 to be precise), with $733,956,000 just for international market (excluding the United States and Canada). In the United States, the movie has grossed $566,277,270, and is now the 14th most successful movie of all times. Worldwide, the Super Mario Bros. Movie managed to climb all the way to the #19 spot.

Source: Toho
Via: Gamer


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