The Super Mario Bros. Movie now 2nd highest-grossing animated movie of all times (worldwide), grosses over 10.3 billion Yen in Japan

When they first set to work on the Super Mario Bros. Movie, there’s little doubt Nintendo and Illumination expected it to be a success. However, few people could have imagined it would go on to smash as many records as it has — not even its creators!

Toho (the Japanese distributor) has sent a press release to celebrate the Super Mario Bros. Movie becoming the 2nd most successful animated movie at the worldwide box office. As of June 2nd, the movie has grossed $1.288 billion worldwide, which means it’s now officially outperformed the first Frozen movie:

  1. Frozen 2: $1,453,683,476
  2. The Super Mario Bros. Movie: $1,288,000,000
  3. Frozen: $1,284,540,518

Beating Frozen 2 is going to be pretty hard, as the movie is facing stiff competition and is losing more and more screens with each passing week (not to mention the game already being available digitally in certain territories). But even if it doesn’t manage that final feat, it’s still going to be an incredible performance for Nintendo’s first serious foray in the “visual content” business!

In Japan, the movie is also enjoying great popularity, though the numbers are not quite as impressive. As of June 1st, the movie has grossed 10,333,589,920 Yen / $74,216,566 (up from 10,057,858,799 Yen / $71,491,361 as of May 28th).

Here’s what the movie stands in Japan:

  • 5th most successful western animated movie
  • 18th most successful animated movie (western + Japanese)
  • 40th most successful movie

Source: TOHO PR (02/06/2023)
Via: Gamer


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