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Today (May 19th), Nintendo started sharing some details, pictures, and videos for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on the official Twitter account of the Legend of Zelda series. On this page, you will find all the details, pictures, and videos shared on that account in one place. It will be updated as soon as new content is available, so make sure to keep checking back!

In order to avoid having too many YouTube embeds on the same page, we will regularly update the following YouTube playlist with all the videos.

July 13th

Unlike the original on Wii, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword lets you control the camera freely, allowing you to look at the world from many different angles. If you’re playing with two Joy-Cons, you can simply move the R stick to do so. If you’re using button controls, you need to keep the L button pressed and move the R stick to control the camera.

July 12th

The Whip is an item with a mysterious glowing sphere at the tip. You can hook it to switches to activate them, or use it like a rope to cross gaps. But the whip can be used for more than puzzles! It can prove really handy in battle, especially against enemies such as the Furnix. Since they’re flying, they can be hard to hit with your sword. But it’s no problem if you have the Whip: hook it to their tail, drag them to the ground, and then have a go at them!

Check out the video in the YouTube playlist above (Whip)!

July 9th

The Clawshots are handy items that allow you to move to distance places by latching claws attached to a chain onto targets. Since you have a Clawshot in each hand, you can alternate between the two to reach far places without ever touching the ground.

Check out the video in the YouTube playlist above (Clawshots)!

July 8th

The Parella are a race of underwater creatures. They live in Lake Floria, located south of Faron Woods. It looks like they know a certain Water Dragon…

July 7th

Bombs are iconic items that have appeared in many The Legend of Zelda games ever since the original on NES. In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, you can throw them in various directions, including upwards. Throwing them upwards allow you to reach high places.

But if you throw them towards the ground, you can make them roll like a bowling ball. It’s pretty handy if you want to hit monsters and switches from a (safe) distance!

Check out the video in the YouTube playlist above (Bombs)!

July 6th

The Surface is home to a wide variety of monsters, such as the Bokoblins. They come in red, green, and blue varieties. Some wield a sword, while others will try to bash your head with a club. While not the most clever of creatures, Bokoblins can still block your attacks using their weapons, so you need to pay particular attention to how you’re going to swing your sword if you want to hit them.

July 5th

If you’re looking into upgrading your equipment and/or your shields, you might want to head to the Scrap Shop (located inside the Bazaar, on Skyloft) and talk to Gondo. For example, you can upgrade the regular Slingshot into the Scattershot, which allows your projectiles to spread and reach a wider area (while still using only one Deku seed per shot).

July 2nd

Bamboo Island is one of the many islands you can find floating in the Sky. If you head there, you will find an extremely long bamboo stalk that you have to cut down as many times as you can by swinging your sword as quickly as possible in the Clean Cut mini-game.

Check out the video in the YouTube playlist above (Clean Cut mini-game)!

July 1st

For many players, when they think of Link, they think of his iconic green tunic (that he wears in most Zelda games to date). And it’s in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword that the “tradition” of the hero wearing green clothes was born. But how did that happen exactly?

Well, the reason is pretty simple: green was the colour chosen for the Knights Academy’s uniform when Link joined. It looks like even Headmaster Gaeopora was surprised by the colour!

Check out the video in the YouTube playlist above (Green Tunic)!

June 30th

The Gust Bellows is an item found in the Lanayru Mining Facility. Wind comes out of this mysterious pot, and you can use it to blow away items, monsters, and more. The wind can also be used to activate mechanisms and the likes. Just make sure not to point that thing at other people, or else…

Using the Gust Bellows, you can clear areas that are covered in sand. You may find some goodies buried under it, so make sure to clean all that sand away!

Check out the video in the YouTube playlist above (Gust Bellows)!

June 29th

In the Lanayru Desert, you can find mysterious stones known as Timeshift Stones. If you hit one, the area around the stone is transported hundred of years in the past. In order to fully explore the desert, you will have to make frequent use of those stones and the technology of the ancient civilization that used to call the Lanayru region home.

The LD-301 Series refers to mysterious robots found throughout Lanayru Desert. They are usually inactive, but they do come back to life when you hit a Timeshift Stone nearby. You can talk to them if you want to uncover the many secrets of the desert! They often end their sentences with “zoop!”.

Check out the video in the YouTube playlist above (Timeshift Stones)!

June 28th

The Lanayru Desert is a desert area located on the Surface. It’s almost entirely covered in sand, including quicksands that will try to swallow you up if you step on them. In the past, it used to be a land teeming with nature, but over the past few hundred years, the desert rapidly claimed it as its own.

June 25th

Remlit are cute little critters you can find on Skyloft. During the day, they are pretty gentle and friendly, but during the night, they become aggressive and attack Link. Be careful during your night strolls!

June 24th

Impa is a mysterious woman who assists and guides Zelda after she fell to the Surface. Just what are her goals?

June 22nd

With the Digging Mitts, you can dig into soft spots in the ground in search of items such as rupees and hearts. It seems that you can also unearth insects with them…

Check out the video in the YouTube playlist above (Digging Mitts)!

June 21st

Located in the Eldin Province, the Eldin Volcano is an active volcano. Rivers of flowing magma can be found in this area, which is home to many fire-based monsters. Be careful with those wooden shields of yours!

The Mogma are a race of mole-like creatures that use sharp claws to dig into the ground. They are obsessed with digging up treasure, and have plenty of juicy details about the Eldin Province to share.

June 18th

Performing certain actions, such as climbing vines or dashing, will use some of Link’s stamina. When the Stamina Gauge is depleted, Link gets tired and his movements become really slow until it’s replenished. In order to avoid that, you can pick up Stamina Fruit to refill the stamina gauge before it’s complete emptied.

Check out the video in the YouTube playlist above (Stamina Gauge)!

June 17th

On Skyloft, one of the islands floating in the Sky, a large statue of the Goddess can be found. It’s a landmark that can be seen from pretty much anywhere on the island, so if you ever get lost, try to search for it.

Similar statues of the Goddess can also be found on the Surface, such as in Sanctuaries. There, you can hear messages from the Goddess through Fi.

June 15th

Pipit is a fellow student at the Knight Academy, who looks a lot like Link. He enrolled just beforehim, which means he’s his senior. He will provide you with some useful advice.

June 14th

Empty Bottles are handy items that you can carry around. It allows you to store a wide variety of items, such as potions. You can purchase those from the Bazaar in Skyloft. By the way, you can drink potions while walking/running!

As for the Adventure Pouch, it’s where you can store shields, empty bottles, medals (that enhance Link’s ability), and more. Since shield can break, it is recommended to carry some spares, in case the one you’re using breaks.

June 11th

Ghirahim is a mysterious person who clashes with Link on multiple occasions during his exploration of the Surface. He calls himself Lord Ghirahim, and goes at Link with overwhelming strength.

June 10th

Pumpkin Landing is one of the many floating islands you can find in the Sky. There, you will find the Lumpy Pumpkin, a pub where you can get some delicious pumpkin soup. There’s some pretty interesting items on the chandelier at the center of the room, but make sure to never, EVER shake it. It’s dangerous!

June 9th

The Beetle is a bug-shaped item that can fly in the air, and that you can control remotely. You can use it to activate switches and pick up items that are too far away for Link to reach. The Beetle can also be used to scout areas and spot enemies that could be lying in wait.

If you’re playing with Joy-Cons, you can use motion controls to move the Beetle around; simply by tilting the controllers. Learn to control the Beetle, and you will be able to get some treasure and other surprises at the end of small passageways!

Check out the video in the YouTube playlist above (Beetle)!

June 8th

Gorko is a member of the Goron tribe who studies ancient history. You first meet him in the Faron Woods. Make sure to go and talk to him if you want to find out what he knows about the forest!

June 7th

While in Skyloft, you can switch between day and night by sleeping in a bed. During the day, you can find the residents coming and going in town, but during the night, you will encounter monsters instead. Most residents spend the night at home, and while it’s dangerous to head outside after sunset, it may be worth paying them a visit to hear some stories you wouldn’t be able to hear during the day.

Oh, and don’t worry about having to head all the way back to your room when you want to sleep: you can use pretty much any bed found in Skyloft, and you don’t even have to ask for permission first. That way, you can switch between day and night wherever you want.

Check out the video in the YouTube playlist above (Sleeping)!

June 4th

There’s many different kinds of insect to find scuttling around in the world. If you ever spot one, try using the Bug Net to catch it! If you bring it to someone who collects them, you may get something good in return.

However, you can’t always use the Bug Net to catch bugs. Some of them are perched high up on walls, and you need to roll into it to make them drop down. Also, some insects can only be found buried underground.

Check out the video in the YouTube playlist above (Catching Bugs)!

June 3rd

Once he reaches the Surface, the firstperson Link encounters is a mysterious old woman. She says that she’s been waiting for Link for a very long time at the Sealed Temple. She looks like an ally, so you might want to listen to what she has to say.

June 2nd

The Slingshot is one of the first weapons you get in the game. It’s a handy and familiar weapon that allows you to hit targets from afar. If you play with both Joy-Cons, you can aim using motion controls.

The Slingshot isn’t all that powerful, and so won’t kill many monsters. Still, you can use it to stun them, before hitting them with your sword.

Check out the video in the YouTube playlist above (Slingshot)!

June 1st

Faron Woods is a forest full of trees that many creatures call home. It’s the first area Link visits after descending to the Surface. To proceed, you will need to cut branches blocking the path, use vines to scale walls, and more. There’s also some unique monsters such as Bokoblins and Dekubaba.

Kikwi are intelligent creatures that live in the Faron Woods. When frightened, they can use the plant on their back as camouflage. It would appear they know about Zelda’s whereabouts, so you might want to try and get along with them.

May 31st

At the beginning of the game, Link and Zelda meet in front of the statue of the Goddess on Skyloft. Zelda plays the “Ballad of the Goddess”, an ancient melody, on her harp.

Check out the video in the YouTube playlist above (Ballad of the Goddess)!

May 28th

On Skyloft, the island floating in the sky, many people live in peace. There, you can find various facilities such as shops, the Knight Academy, a Fortune Teller, and even a dojo. No doubt you will be able to find someone to help you if you ever run into trouble during your quest!

Beedle’s Airshop is one unique store you can find flying around Skyloft. There, you will be able to purchase a lot of useful items. The one (major) downside of his flying store is that he has to keep pedalling to keep it in the air. This sure takes a lot of strength…

May 27th

Unlike in previous The Legend of Zelda game, the way you swing your sword is crual in this game. Take Dekubabas for example. To kill them, you need to swing your sword in the same direction as the opening of their mouth. Creativity and intuitive controls are keys to the battle system in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword!

One technique you can use in the game is the Skyward Strike. If you hold your sword up, power accumulates in the blade, and you can launch a Skyward Strike by shaking it. This can be used for ranged attacks, but also to chain special moves.

Check out the video in the YouTube playlist above (How To Use The Sword + Skyward Strike)!

May 26th

Fi is a Spirit who resides within the Goddess Sword, which is enshrined in Skyloft. She calls Link ‘Master’, and guides him during his journey on the Surface. Despite her rather robotic way of speaking, she proves a reliable companion who aids Link in many situations.

If you’re unsure where to go or what to do to progress, make sure to ask Fi for advice. She will offer different bits of advice on the path to follow depending on the situation.

Check out the video in the YouTube playlist above (Fi)!

May 25th

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD allows you to choose the playstyle you prefer.

If you play with Joy-Cons, the left and right Joy-Cons control the sword and the shield. If you prefer, you can play with buttons instead (pretty handy for those who prefer Handheld of Tabletop Modes).

Check out the video in the YouTube playlist above (Play Styles (no sound))!

May 24th

Gaepora is Zelda’s father, as well as the Headmaster of the Knight Academy that Link attends. He knows a great deal about the Surface and the many legends about this mysterious land sprawling below the clouds. He asks Link to go rescue his daughter.

Just like Link, Groose is a student at the Knight Academy. He’s always surrounded by his two cronies, and never fails to display his hostility towards Link. He seems to have a crush on Zelda…

May 21st

By hopping on a Loftwing, Link can explore the vast Sky he calls home. When flying, you can move up and down, but also speed up.

During your exploration of the Sky, you may come across small floating islands. Make sure to jump off your Loftwing and go explore if you ever come across one; who knows what you will find!

Check out the video in the YouTube playlist above (Footage (Loftwing))!

May 20th

In this game, Link is a young man who attends the Knight Academy, on Skyloft. He bonds with a red Loftwing, a rare specimen thought to have become extinct. He is recognised as the rightful Master of the Goddess Sword, before heading to the Surface.

Zelda is a childhood friend of Link’s, and she cares a great deal about him. One day, while flying on a Loftwing, a tornado swallows her up, and she falls to the Surface, below the clouds.

May 19th

Chronologically speaking, Skyward Sword is the very first game in the Legend of Zelda series. It details the genesis of the legendary world of Zelda, including the creation of the Master Sword.

The story starts in Skyloft, an island floating in the sky blessed by the Goddess herself. The people use large birds called Loftwings to travel from one floating island to the other. In this game, Link and Zelda are childhood friends who both grew up on Skyloft.

One day, Zelda was swallowed by a storm and fell down to the Surface, located well below the sea of clouds. Link goes after her to rescue her. Forests, volcanoes, deserts, lakes, valleys… The Surface is a mysterious, unknown land that no other human from Skyloft has ever been to.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Switch – eShop) comes out on July 16th worldwide.

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