The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles: localisation blog post, more screenshots

Announced a few weeks ago when the Behind the Scenes blog post went live, the localisation blog post for The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is now live. In this new blog post, Janet Hsu (Localisation Director) shares lots of details about the localisation of the two The Great Ace Attorney games, which was anything but a straightforward affair.

Be warned though: this is a pretty lengthy blog post, but it makes for a fascinating read (especially if you’re interested in translation/localisation in general). Click here to check it out!

Here’s an excerpt:

On the topic of adding more authentic English flavor, the translators did an absolutely amazing job of adding touches that I, as an American, would never have been able to do no matter how familiar I am with all things British. From the outset, I’d told the translators that they could write as Britishly as they pleased, and I would be here to dial things like grammar and phrasings back as necessary to ensure accessibility to a wider international audience. So beyond just witty quips, you can bet there are pun runs and alliterations galore! On the flip side, for the episodes set in Japan, we tried to preserve the original Japanese flavor and I even went so far as to keep the graphics untouched. Instead, I asked the programmers to implement a special ‘subtitle system’ for the Court Record so that when you mouse over pieces of text that are meant to be legible for a Japanese player, a  translation will pop up on-screen as a subtitle. This is only possible thanks to being on current gen hardware as there definitely would not have been enough system memory to pull this off in previous versions.

There’s also a fair number of screenshots (in English) to check out:

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles (Switch) comes out on July 27th in Europe and North America, and July 29th in Japan.


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