No More Heroes 3: latest video showcases Full Armor Travis

Last month, Marvelous began sharing some videos for No More Heroes 3, showcasing some of the elements and gameplay mechanics of the game. The first one was about the Beam Katana (and the unique way to recharge its batteries), the second one showcased two mechanics of the battle system (Emergency Evade and Weapon Clash), the third one was about Slashes & Death Blows, the fourth one about Death Kick & Death Force, the fifth one about Death Rain & Death Slow, and the sixth one about Mustang Mode & Throw Mode.

The latest video showcases yet another Dark Side Mode Travis can enter after a successful Death Blow. But this one is really special! It’s called Full Armor Travis, and as the name indicates, it allows Travis to don a robotic armour. It allows you to lock on all nearby enemies before unleashing a barrage of missiles at them, blasting them off to dust. To activate it, you need to line up three 7s in the Death Blow slot.

There’s also a special version of this Dark Side Mode, which is activated when you line up three green 7s. From the looks of it, it allows Travis to keep his armour on for a longer period of time, which seems to change gameplay significantly (you can see a different UI at the very end of the video). It looks like you will be able to bash enemies using the robotic armour, for maximum power and coolness factor!

Here’s the video:

No More Heroes 3 (Switch) comes out on August 27th worldwide!


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