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Nindies Summer Showcase + Nindies@Night 2017: various games announced and/or showcased

Today, Nintendo streamed their Nindies Summer Showcase: check out this post for all the announcements, but also, pictures, videos, and more!

Games covered in this post: Mom Hid My Game, Golf Story, Next Up Hero, Nine Parchments, Away: Journey to the Unexpected, Blade Strangers, Flat Heroes, Hollow Knight, Huntdown, Pocket Rumble, Rogue Trooper Redux, Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure!

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Indie news (May 11): Flat Heroes announced for the Nintendo Switch / Rudymical / Shakedown Hawaii

Today’s indie news: Flat Heroes announced for the Nintendo Switch, gameplay video for Dark Witch Music Episode: Rudymical, soundtrack preview for Shakedown Hawaii, and more screenshots for Petite Games’ next game!

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