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Daily news (October 9): Monster Hunter Rise / Monster Hunter Stories 2

Today’s Daily news: some more footage for Monster Hunter Rise, livestream recording for Monster Hunter Rise + Monster Hunter Stories 2, trailer for Witch Spring 3 Re:Fine ― Ningyou Majo, “Eirudy” no Monogatari ―, Citizens Unite!: Earth x Space announced for the Nintendo Switch, another delay for Jack Jeanne, and latest Dev Diary video for Ninjala!

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Daily Briefs (Feb. 17) – PoPoLoCrois manga (Part 3) – Pokémon Splatfest

Today’s Daily Briefs: third part of the PoPoLoCrois manga, two illustrations for the Pokémon Splatfest, a screen for the latest Story of Seasons game, and more!

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