Switch milestones: CRYMACHINA / Marvelous games, and more


Last Saturday marked the half-anniversary of CRYMACHINA, and FuRyu announced that the game has reached over 100,000 players. No further details were shared, unfortunately.

Source: FuRyu (Twitter)

Marvelous games

Marvelous have shared their latest financial results, and gave an update on some of the games they released last year:

  • LOOP8 saw sluggish sales
  • Fashion Dreamer sold 500,000 units worldwide (with 60% of those sales outside Japan), which is less than what they were expecting
  • Frederica / Silent Hope also didn’t sell as much as the company expected.

Due to the disappointing sales of those games, development costs were not fully recovered and the Digital Content segment actually lost Marvelous money. As a result, the company had to lower forecast for current Fiscal Year, and the executives are taking a pay cut (-30% for the President and the CEO, and -12% for the full-time Directors).

Source: Marvelous
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Capcom games

Capcom have shared their latest financial results, and gave an update on the same of some of their recent releases:

  • Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – 600.000 units during Q3, 1.64 million units this Fiscal Year, 7.10 million units since launch
  • Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection – 190.000 unitsduring Q3, 1.51 million units this Fiscal Year
  • Monster Hunter Rise – 600.000 units during Q3, 1.46 million units this Fiscal Year, 14.20 million units since launch

Source: Capcom
Via: fiendcode (Install Base)

Arcade Archives

Hamster has announced that with the release of Arcade Archives RAINBOW ISLANDS last week, the Arcade Archives series has reached 400 titles. And the good news for fans of retro arcade games is that the company is far from done, with weekly releases continuing without any end in sight!

Source: Hamster (Twitter)

Warner Bros. games

Warner Bros. has shared sales data for two of their 2023 releases:

  • Hogwarts Legacy: over 24 million units sold
  • Mortal Kombat 1: over 3 million units sold

In both games, sales are worldwide and across all platforms, though no breakdown is provided.

Source: Variety


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