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[Updated] Super Smash Bros. (Wii U / 3DS): Mewtwo dated, Mii costumes, Lucas announced and more


This post was updated with lots of screenshots and artworks


Today, during the Nintendo Direct, Nintendo made several announcements related to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U / Nintendo 3DS:

– Mewtwo is coming out on April 28th, and will cost 3.59£ / 3.99€ separately, and 4.49£ / 4.99€/ 4.99$ for 3DS and Wii U.  Players who registered both versions on Club Nintendo will get their download code on April 15th.

– Lucas is joining the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U / Nintendo 3DS roster in June

– Super Smash Bros. for Wii U / 3DS will get a major Software update on April 15th, and includes game balance fixes, an option to purchase downloadable content, adds the ability to share screenshots, replays, Mii Fighters and custom stages (but only on Wii U), and more.

– Costumes will be added for Mii Fighters, and will be available as downloadable content. There will be several sets of costumes, sold 0.69£ – 0.79€ each (Wii U or 3DS) / 1.09£ – 1.19€ each (Wii U and 3DS).

– Smash Bros. fighter ballot: players can suggest characters to be added to the game, simply by heading to the official website. Of course, it doesn’t mean your character suggestion will be kept, but you never know!

Trailer for Mewtwo:

Click on Read more to find the rest of the trailers and the screenshots!

Trailer for Lucas:

Trailer for the Mii Fighters costumes:

And now, some artworks:

Some screenshots from the Wii U version:

And finally, some screenshots from the 3DS version:

Thanks @NintenDaan for the pictures.


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