Super Mario Odyssey: 1st Anniversary celebrations (AC Pocket Camp item, Photo Contests, 8-bit Luigi/Captain Toad more)

On October 27th 2017, Super Mario Odyssey was released on Nintendo Switch. In order to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Super Mario Odyssey, this Saturday, Nintendo has prepared several things:

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

A Cappy hat will be distributed to all Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp players on October 27th (check out this post more details)

Travel Guide Edition

A special version of the game, including a “Travel Guide” book, and similar to the Starter Pack released last month in North America, will be released on November 9th in Japan. The “Travel Guide” book has 40 pages, and will also be available for purchase separately on the My Nintendo Store.

8-bit Coins Extravaganza

8-bit Luigi and 8-bit Captain Toad will appear on the New Donk City Festival “stage” in New Donk City, from October 27th to November 7th. No less than 39 of them will appear, and doing a ground pound attack on them will allow you to earn tons of coins! But why 39, you ask? If because 39 is read as “San” (3 in Japanese) + “kyu” (9 in Japanese)… in other words: Thank You!

Photo Contest

Two new Photo Contests have been announced:

  • in Japan, the theme is the new Manga filter that was added last week to the Snapshot Mode! Check out the source link for more details
  • in Europe, the theme is “Your Favourite Captures”, and runs until October 30th. Click here for more details


Some Choco-Eggs including some Super Mario Odyssey toys, which are already available in Japan!

Source: Nintendo



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