Super Mario Maker: trailer, screenshots, artworks, more

During the Nintendo Digital Event, some new details about Super Mario Maker were announced. One of them is about amiibo: scanning the regular figures will allow you to use the Mystery Mushroom. Thanks to that item, Mario can take the appearance of other characters, complete with special animations and sound effects.

There’s two ways to unlock those special costumes:

– complete the 100 Mario Challenge mode;
– tap an amiibo.

Two amiibo have also been confirmed, and one of them will be included in a bundle (they will be both launched stand-alone during Winter 2015):

– 8-bit Mario (classic colour)
– 8-bit Mario (modern colour)

If you use those amiibo in-game, you can get a Big Mushroom, which allows you to break everything on your path. The amiibo even adds a retro visual filter, which will remind the oldest fans of the good ol’ cathode ray tube televisions.

The game comes with a 100-page artbook, which illustrates all the possibilities for levels (which are just waiting to be created ).There will also be a limited edition, which includes the game, the hardcover artbook and the 8-bit Mario amiibo (Classic Colour)

Then, there’s, a special website that Nintendo opened for fans to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Super Mario Bros. series their own way. Players can create their own videos (which can be anything: singing, dancing, reliving their favorite Mario moments, and more), and then post it on the website.

But there’s a little interesting tidbit: Nintendo will share the ad revenue generated by those videos with Operation Smile (a global surgical charity dedicated to healing the smiles of children around the world suffering from cleft lip and cleft palate).

Finally, here’s the E3 trailer and some screenshots/artworks:

Super Mario Maker (Wii U) comes out on September 11th, worldwide.



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