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Super Mario Maker: results of the “Course Selection” contest

Last month, Nintendo launched the Super Mario Maker website in Japan. There, players can find a selection of levels for Super Mario Maker, hand-picked by Nintendo developers. It’s an easy and fast way to find some cool levels to play, which is a pretty handy thing to have when you know how many levels have been created since launch (several dozen millions!). You can find the page with all the categories by clicking here!

And today, Nintendo finally revealed the results of their “Course Selection” contest. There was nothing to win, but the levels would be showcased on the website.

Here’s the levels for each category (NB: as of writing, the videos are set on private… looks like someone forgot to make them public!):

  1. P-Door: courses using the P-Switch and P-Doors

  1. Summer: courses reminding you of Summer

  1. Telephone: courses using the Telephone sound effects in interesting ways
  • シーラ・ベル、怪現象が起こる古びた洋館の調査に向かう・・・・・・ (B5C6-0000-023C-890C)

Did you play any of these levels? If yes, which one did you prefer?

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