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Daily Briefs (Aug. 31) – Domino King: Super Mario World / Bergsala

Today’s Daily Briefs: Domino King video for Super Mario World, but also…

  • Bergasala
  • Splatoon
  • SmileBASIC

Domino King: Super Mario World

Here’s a video from the Domino King channel on YouTube, showcasing a pretty impressive recreation of Super Mario World in dominoes!


Bergasala is the official distributor for Nintendo products in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Last week, they held a Nintendo party at their HQ, to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of their collaboration with Nintendo. Satoru Shibata was there, and unveiled a Mario statue.

Here’s a video of the event:


Now that school is about to start again pretty soon, you might be looking for ways for you (or your kids) to stay fresh during the dark weeks ahead. In Japan, some pencils, sketchbooks, and other Splatoon-related stationery, are available!


SmileBASIC came out in October 2015 in North America, and allows users to create various games using BASIC. Unfortunately, it’s still not available in Europe, but at least, it looks like it’s only a matter of weeks before it’s released in that region.

On Monday, Takaki Kobayashi (President of Smileboom) was asked by a fan if a European release was still in the works. He replied that the app was in the final stages of lotcheck at Nintendo. While he didn’t give any release date, we can assume that one will be announced in the next few weeks!

Via: Reddit


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