Stella Glow: screens and wallpaper for Sakuya, launch lottery

Stella Glow is the latestest (and last) Strategy-RPG from Imageepoch, who filed for bankruptcy earlier this month. It will come out on June 4th in Japan. In order to celebrate this launch, SEGA has been revealing wallpapers for the various witches for the past few weeks.

And today, it’s Sakuya’s turn to get a wallpaper and some screenshots:

Here’s the planning for the next few weeks:

– Nonoka (June 5th)
– Moldimont (June 12th)
– Hilda (June 19th).

You can find all the wallpapers on the official website!

But that’s not all: SEGA will also host a special launch lottery, at the Club SEGA in Akihabara. Players buying the game in stores or online will be able to try their luck in order to win some goodies (like some autographs of the cast). Yui Sakakibara (VA for Sakuya) will even be there to meet the fans. If you’re in the Tokyo region, you can click here for more details about this event!

Stella Glow (3DS) comes out on June 4th in Japan, and later this year in North America.

Source: Gamer.ne.jp / Famitsu


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