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Splatoon: tracklist for the Splatoon Live in Makuhari album

As announced a few weeks ago, Nintendo is going to release a new Splatoon album on July 13th in Japan. Called Splatoon Live in Makuhari: Squid Sisters Live, it includes the full recording of the two live concerts by the Squid Sisters (the one at the Game Party Japan in January, and the one at the NicoNico Choukaigi event in April).

This album includes the MC parts (where they “discuss” with the audience), but also clean recordings of the two new songs (which will be added to Splatoon next week, and will be accessible using the new Marie & Callie amiibo). If you’re interested, you can still pre-order it on CD Japan (NB: affiliate link)!

And today, Famitsu has finally revealed the tracklist for the album, that you will find right after the break!

  1. Opening?MC1 (1st Live)
  2. Kimi-iro ni Somete / Ink Me Up (1st Live)
  3. Ima ・ Nuraneba! / Now or Never! (1st Live)
  4. MC2 (1st Live)
  5. High-Color Sinker / City of Color (1st Live)
  6. MC3 (1st Live)
  7. Maritime ・ Memory (1st Live)
  8. MC4 (1st Live)
  9. Shiokara-Bushi / Calamari Inkantation (1st Live)
  10. Opening?MC1 (2nd Live)
  11. Kimi-iro ni Somete / Ink Me Up (2nd Live)
  12. Ima ・ Nuraneba! / Now or Never! (2nd Live)
  13. MC2 (2nd Live)
  14. Tokimeki☆Bomb Rush (Callie solo)(2nd Live)
  15. Sumisoae no Yoru (Marie solo) (2nd Live)
  16. MC3 (2nd Live)
  17. High-Color Sinker / City of Color (2nd Live)
  18. MC4 (2nd Live)
  19. Maritime ・ Memory (2nd Live)
  20. MC5 (2nd Live)
  21. Shiokara-Bushi / Calamari Inkantation (2nd Live)
  22. Kimi-iro ni Somete / Ink Me Up
  23. Ima ・ Nuraneba! / Now or Never!
  24. Tokimeki☆Bomb Rush (Callie solo)
  25. Sumisoae no Yoru (Marie solo)
  26. High-Color Sinker / City of Color
  27. Maritime ・ Memory
  28. Shiokara-Bushi / Calamari Inkantation
  29. High Color News Title Call / Inkopolis News Title Call
  30. SE:Voice(Callie) Surprise
  31. SE:Voice(Callie) Final line
  32. SE:Voice(Callie) Laughter
  33. SE:Voice(Callie) Excitement
  34. SE:Voice(Marie) Greeting
  35. SE:Voice(Marie) Announcement
  36. SE:Voice(Marie) Halfhearted answer
  37. SE:Voice(Marie) Excitement
  38. High-Color Sinker / City of Color (Shy-Ho-Shy Demo)
  39. Splattack! ~ Friend List (2015 Version PV)
  40. Splattack! (Shin Stage Dancing) / Splattack! (New Stage Dancing)

Source: Famitsu
A big thanks to Ash for the help with translation of some of the track names (SE).


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