Splatoon: some additional details about weapons

In its latest issue (which came out today in Japan), Famitsu magazine gives us some additional details about the weapons in Splatoon. As mentionned before, there are 3 different kind of weapons in the game:

– main weapons
– sub weapons (which use a lot of ink)
– special weapons (to use them, you need to fill a gauge by shooting ink).

During the January Nintendo Direct, it was explained that weapons came in sets of 3. Famitsu gives us two examples:

– Main Weapon: Splat Charger – A weapon that you use by charging it. It’s great for long range attacks, and it allows you to create pathways for your teammates.
Sub Weapon: Splash Bomb – A standard bomb that explodes on impact.
Special Weapon: Bomb Rush – This weapon allows you to throw as many bombs as you want for a few second.

Main Weapon: .52 Gal – A weapon that is significantly stronger than the Splat Charger, but also uses more ink (meaning you can’t fire it as many times).
Sub Weapon: Splashield – A weapon that allows you to create  a curtain of ink. You can use it to protect yourself, but also to attack enemies in narrow pathways or block their progression.
Special Weapon: Megaphone Laser – This weapon allows you to shoot a powerful laser made of ink. If you want to turn around battles, this is the weapon for you.

Splatoon (Wii U) comes out in May, worldwide. The next Famitsu article about the game will be in the issue coming out on April 2nd.

Source: Famitsu
Translation: StreetsAhead



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