Splatoon: results for the 15th Splatfest (North America)

Unlike the previous ones, the 15th Splatfest was not global. There’s a separate festival for each region, and they’re not even taking place on the same days. Therefore, we have three different sets of results this time around: check out below for the results for each region (Europe, North America, and Japan)!


The 15th Splatfest for Europe took place on June 11th and June 12th, and the theme was “What’s your dream trip? A World Tour, or a Space Adventure?”. And for European Splatoon players, the answer was clear: a World Tour! And what’s more, Team World Tour also won more matches than Team Space, so naturally, they won the festival.

Here’s the full results:

  • Popularity: Team World Tour (51%) / Team Space Adventure (49%)
  • Wins: Team World Tour (52%) / Team Space Adventure (48%)
  • Overall: Team World Tour (363) / Team Space Adventure (337)

Splatfest EU 15 resultsSource: Reddit

North America

The 15th Splatfest took place this week-end in North America, and theme was: “Which one are you? An Early Bird, or a Night Owl?”. And it looks like North American fans aren’t really interested in the worm, beause the vast majority went for Night Owl… 71% of them, to be more precise! They also won more matches, so it’s no wonder they won by a landslide!

Here’s the full results:

  • Popularity: Early Bird (29%) / Night Owl (31%)
  • Wins: Early Bird (49%) / Night Owl (51%)
  • Overall: Early Bird (323) / Night Owl (377)

NA Splatfest 15 resultsJapan

In Japan, the 15th Splatfest took place on June 18th and June 19th, and the theme was “Which do you prefer? Kinoko no Yama or Takenoko no Sato?” (two kinds of chocolate biscuits from Meiji, a real-life brand).

And it’s pretty clear which type Japanese player prefer: Takenoko no Sato! In fact, it was so popular that the team defending it managed to win the Splatfest despite losing more matches… and that’s with the multiplier for victories, too!

Here’s the full results:

  • Popularity: Kinoko no Yama (37%) / Takenoko no Sato (63%)
  • Wins: Kinoko no Yama (52%) / Takenoko no Sato (48%)
  • Overall: Kinoko no Yama (349) / Takenoko no Sato (351)

Source: Reddit


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