Splatoon 3: Sizzle Season 2024 now live

Heads up, Inklings and Octolings from all around the world: a new season is starting soon in Splatoon 3! Introducing the Sizzle Season 2024, which kicks off on June 1st worldwide. As usual, it will be preceded by the latest update, which is expected to landed on May 30th/31st (check out this post for all the details).

Here’s a trailer showcasing what players can expect in Sizzle Season 2024:

Sizzle Season 2024 brings the following new content to Splatoon 3:

  • new stage:
    • Lemuria Hub
  • new music tracks
    • “Amalgamia” by SashiMori
    • “Seasource” by SashiMori
  • new Catalog with seasonal Gear, emotes, stickers, toy-themed locker decorations and more
  • new weapons
    • Wellstring V
      • Sub Weapon: Autobomb
      • Special Weapon: Ultra Stamp
    • Wellstring V Custom
      • Sub Weapon: Point Sensor
      • Special Weapon: Wave Breaker
    • Mint Decavitator
      • Sub Weapon: Suction Bomb
      • Special Weapon: Big Bubbler
    • Charcoal Decavitator
      • Sub Weapon: Splash Wall
      • Special Weapon: Inkjet
    • Recycled Brella 24 Mk II
      • Sub Weapon: Toxic Mist
      • Special Weapon: Triple Splashdown
    • Bamboozler 14 Mk II
      • Sub Weapon: Fizzy Bomb
      • Special Weapon: Super Chump
    • Heavy Edit Splatling Nouveau
      • Sub Weapon: Splat Bomb
      • Special Weapon: Crab Tank
    • Custom Range Blaster
      • Sub Weapon: Splat Bomb
      • Special Weapon: Kraken Royale
    • Custom Douser Dualies FF
      • Sub Weapon: Burst Bomb
      • Special Weapon: Triple Inkstrike
    • Custom Hydra Splatling
      • Sub Weapon: Ink Mine
      • Special Weapon: Splattercolor Screen
  • debut of the chaotic BIG Big Run on June 7th at 5PM PT / 8PM ET – June 8th at 1AM BST / 2AM CEST / 9AM JST (lasts 48 hours). Features a brand new weapon, as well as the Triumvirate (a group of 3 King Salmonids spawning together)
  • during the Sizzle Season 2024: a special Splatfest will take place: Summer Nights. All three hubs (Splatsville, Inkopolis, and Inkopolis Square) will feature special decorations, and Deep Cut, Off the Hook and the Squid Sisters will all sport unique costumes. Also, 6 special pieces of Gear will be distributed via the News feature on Nintendo Switch. Details about the Splatfest itself (date, theme, etc.) will be shared at a later date. Finally, starting with the next Splatfest, you will be able to earn Conch Shells by winning 10×, 100×, and 333× Battles. And when battling against players from the same team, 10×, 100×, and 333× Conch Clash battles will also take place, allowing you to earn 1 Conch Shell!
  • adds 14 new Tableturf Battle cards, including Crusty Sean, The Ursine Anomaly – #03, Megalodontia, Overlorder, and the new weapons

About Lemuria Hub:

Next station, Lemuria Hub! Nestled between desolate craters and the bustling Splatsville, this new stage connects the Splatlands’ local lines to long-distance regional trains. The modern structure that was built during the recent renovation separates the desolate craters from the bustling scenes of Splatsville to create a unique sight.

About the Wellstring V:

Give your enemies five – shots of ink that is – with the Wellstring V. Focus the barrage in one spot, or spread the volley over a wider area to keep your opponents guessing!

Wellstring V, with a V as in five, is a new Stringer arriving in Sizzle Season. Its heavy-weight body allows for 5 arrows to be fired at once. Like the Tri-Stringer, the arrows can be charged to cause explosions after they hit. Release those arrows wide & corner your opponents!

Unlike other Stringers, its 5 arrows fan out wide after certain levels of charge. With a short charge it can minimize spread and focus its damage on a single target. Its sub weapon is the Auto-Bomb and the special weapon is the Ultra Stamp.

About the Custom Wellstring V:

The Custom Wellstring V will also be available! Its sub weapon is a Point Sensor and its Wave Breaker special weapon will help you detect hiding opponents so you can optimize those exploding arrows. It fires the same as Wellstring V, so choose based on your preferred kit.

About the Mint Decavitator:

Clean house with the Mint Decavitator using quick, side-to-side movements, or (b)rush forwards to dazzle your enemies!

The Mint Decavitator is a fresh Splatana with unique separating parts. When swung horizontally, the whole body unleashes ink waves. When charged, it unleashes a wide-reaching close range attack in a flash! The charged shot covers a lot of ground and a long distance in front of you too. Leverage that range against your opponents! Its sub weapon is Suction Bomb and the special weapon is Big Bubbler.

About the Charcoal Decavitator:

The Charcoal Decavitator will also be available. Use its Splash Wall sub weapon to get close and unleash a charged attack. Follow up with the Inkjet special to attack players further back. The two Decavitators have distinctive flavors so choose the one that fits your taste!

About the Recycled Brella 24 Mk II:

The Recycled Brella 24 Mk II is a variation of Recycled Brella 24 Mk I. Try limiting your opponents’ actions with its Toxic Mist sub weapon, then land the Splashdown for the final blow!

About the Bamboozler 14 Mk II:

The Bamboozler 14 Mk II is an updated model of the Bamboozler 14 Mk I, with original decals and fresh colors. Limit the opponents’ mobility with the Fizzy Bomb sub weapon and the Super Chump special.

About the Heavy Splatling Nouveau:

The Heavy Edit Splatling Nouveau puts a twist on the Heavy Edit Splatling to encourage some new tactics. Its Splat Bomb sub weapon and Crab Tank special weapon allow for more stable and better-rounded strategies to shine.

About the Custom Range Blaster:

The Custom Range Blaster is a customized model of the Range Blaster with some visual updates. This is more of an attack-focused loadout, with the Splat Bomb sub weapon and Kraken Royale special weapon providing some extra oomph to the highly explosive main weapon.

About the Custom Douser Dualies FF:

The Douser Dualies FF have been tweaked with new colors to become the Custom Douser Dualies FF. Its Burst Bomb sub weapon allows for more mobility, so you can unleash rapid fire upon the front line faster. And flush out defensive opponents with the Triple Inkstrike special.

About the Custom Hydra Splatling:

The Custom Hydra Splatling is a customized model with tactical stickers. The Ink Mine sub weapon can help control choke points and prevent opponents sneaking up on you, and with the Splattercolor Screen special weapon you’ll be able to contribute offensively and defensively.

About SashiMori:

Do you know SashiMori? Despite their lack of a vocalist, DJ Paul collages unique voices from ancient records that contrast with traditional marine critter sounds to create the melodies. This fresh sound is all the rage, and it’s a regular on the Splatsville radio waves.

When he first joined SashiMori DJ Paul had a childlike innocence, but now he’s 16 years old. Their latest song “Seasource” features a vocal sample that “expresses an innocence that transcends barriers.” These vocals combined with a loud rapid-fire beat explore new sonic ground!

As usual, more details about this new season will added to this post as soon as the Squid Research Lab shares them, so keep checking back!


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