Splatoon 3: latest details, pictures, videos from the Squid Research Lab (Archives 4)

Announced during the Nintendo Direct presentation in February 2021, Splatoon 3 was released on September 9th 2022 on Nintendo Switch. Just like they did before launch, the members of the Squids Research Lab. are planning to share some details, pictures, and videos about the upcoming content updates for the game.

And in this post, you will find all the updates shared in May 2023. For the most recent updates, make sure to check out this post instead!

May 31st

Once the Sizzle Season has gone live, you will be able to check out the schedule for Challenges from the in-game menu and via SplatNet 3. The schedule shows the current and upcoming Challenges, allowing you to schedule matches with your friends!

Speaking of Challenges, the second one is called Ultra Jump Festival, and it will take place from June 5th to June 7th!

May 30th

The Sizzle Season 2023 will introduce a cool new feature: fist bumps. When you win a battle, the top 2 players in the team will bump their fists to congratulate each others for a game well played!

Also, the Lobby is getting some improvements:

  • you can now access the Locker room, check out Ghosts and take a look at your notifications while matchmaking
  • you can now order foods and drinks at the shop from Crab-N-Go and you can try your luck at the Shell-Out Machine in Anarchy Battle (Open) before selecting “Ready!”

Finally, SplatNet 3 is getting a new feature: the ability to create a Private Battle group in advance and share the invitation via social media. Once you’ve created a group, or received an invite, simply select Private Battle in the lobby to join!

May 29th

The Sizzle Season 2023 will introduce some more decorative items for your Locker. This time, the theme is retro consoles with some pretty familiar game machines… There’s also new stickers!

Also, the new Season will feature new music tracks by a band called Yoko & the Gold Bazookas. One of its members is Yoko, a trumpet player who is also part of Ink Theory from Splatoon 2.

Here’s the new music track, Rockagilly Blues:

May 26th

The Sizzle Season 2023 will introduce some more weapon variants:

  • Custom Dual Squelcher (Sub: Squid Beakon / Special: Super Chump)
  • Heavy Splatling Deco (Sub: Point Sensor / Special: Kraken Royale)
  • Big Swig Roller Express (Sub: Angle Shooter / Special: Ink Storm)

May 25th

The Sizzle Season 2023 will introduce some new content and features for Tableturf Battle:

  • new Tableturf Battle cards: Tenta Sorella Brella, Custom Dualie Squelchers, Light Tetra Dualies, Heavy Splatling Deco, H-3 Hozzlenose D, Rapid Blaster Pro Deco, S-BLAST ’92, Painbrush, Splatana Wiper Deco, Annaki Splattershot Nova, Big Swig Roller Express
  • the number of consecutive wins will be displayed right next to your username during multiplayer matches. Your winning streak is reset when you leave the multiplayer room
  • players who create a multiplayer room will be able to leave it at any time
  • the max. rank will be raised

May 24th

The Sizzle Season 2023 will introduce a returning stage from Splatoon 2: Humpback Pump Track.

Also, two more weapon variants are introduced:

  • Annaki Splattershot Nova (Sub: Inkjet / Special: Ink Mine)
  • Splatana Wiper Deco (Sub: Squid Beakon / Special: Tenta Missiles)

May 23rd

The Sizzle Season 2023 will introduce a new regular stage: Barnacle & Dime. It’s a large-scale shopping mall located in a high-end district of Splatsville. There’s a plaza with a huge fountain, surrounded by buildings lined up with shops. It is said this plaza was built so as to provide an oasis to the inhabitants of Splatsville, who have access to very few water spots.

Also, two more weapon variants are introduced:

  • Light Tetra Dualies (Sub: Sprinkler / Special: Zipcaster)
  • Tenta Sorella Brella (Sub: Ink Mine / Special: Trizooka)

May 22nd

The Sizzle Season 2023 will introduce new variants of existing weapons, namely:

  • H-3 Nozzlenose D (Sub: Splash Wall / Special: Big Bubbler)
  • Rapid Blaster Pro Deco (Sub: Angle Shooter / Special: Killer Wails 5.1)

Also, the new Season is getting its own Catalog featuring summer gear, console-themed locker decorations, emotes, and more.

May 19th

The Sizzle Season 2023 will introduce a new Salmon Run stage: Jammin’ Salmon Junction. It looks like a bunch of Chums have turned an abandoned highway into a concert venue. It is crucial that part-timers control the traffic to and from the venue so that the road is not swarmed by Salmonids. After all, no one likes traffic jams!

Also, the Squid Research Lab just dated the next two special events:

  • Eggstra Work: July 1st to July 3rd (check out this page for the time in each region). This time, players will be able to participate on their own. As usual, matchmaking will be based on high-score, and each shift will be done by a group of 4 players.
  • Big Run: June 10th to June 12th on the Undertow Spillway stage (check out this page for the time in each region). This time, the number of scales received as reward has been doubled!

May 18th

The Sizzle Season 2023 will introduce another new main weapon, and more precisely a new type of Brush weapon: the Painbrush. This fan-shaped brush scatters lots of ink, but due to its size, the first swing is rather slow. However, subsequent swings fling ink quickly and far, which is why it’s important that you keep that ZR button pressed and keep moving forward while inking.

Also, here’s some details about changes coming to Anarchy Power:

While Ballistics is obsessed with its new video, we have an update about Anarchy Power, which is calculated when you make a team of 2-4 players and play at least five Anarchy Battles (Open) with that team. This number is separate from your normal Rank Points.

Note that Anarchy Power is only shown when you’re on a team AND have the Match Menu open, but you can check the lobby terminal later to see the highest value recorded. Also, you can now change gear between battles while keeping the team together. Just select Change Gear, Then Go!

May 17th

The Sizzle Season 2023 will introduce a new main weapon, and more precisely a new type of Blaster called S-BLAST ’92. It offers two fire modes: one allows you to shoot accurately at a distance but with a small splash radius, and another one with a wide splash radius but with a much shorter range.

The first mode is the standard mode, and you can switch at any time. However, do note that when you jump, the weapon automatically switches to the second mode until you land.

Splatoon 3 is also about to get a new feature called Challenges (the Splatoon 3 equivalent of the League Battle from Splatoon 2).

Ballistics aside, we have an update about the League Battle feature from Splatoon 2. A similar feature is coming in Sizzle Season with a new name—Challenges! These are an exciting new way to battle with special rules for a limited time, and you can join solo or with friends. Of course, you can still hop into an Anarchy Battle (Open) with a squid (or octo) squad anytime. Between Challenges and Anarchy Battles (Open), you’ll have the flexibility to splat the way you want. Challenges can also be tourney qualifiers, so we hope you’ll check them out.

The first Challenge is the New Season Challenge, and it will take place on the two new stages being added as part of Sizzle Season 2023: Barnacle & Dime and Humpback Pump Track.

Here’s the schedule:

  • June 2nd from 9PM to 11PM PT / June 3rd from 12AM to 2AM ET / 5AM to 7AM BST / 6AM to 8AM CEST / 1PM to 3PM JST
  • June 3rd from 5AM to 7AM PT / 8AM to 10AM ET / 1PM to 3PM BST / 2PM to 4PM CEST / 9PM to 11PM JST
  • June 3rd from 1PM to 3PM PT / 4PM to 6PM ET / 9PM to 11PM BST / 10PM to June 4th 12AM CEST / June 4th from 5AM to 7AM JST

Future Challenges will feature other types of special matches, such as Too Many Trizookas! (players can shoot the Trizooka as many times as they want), Extreme Jump Battle (players can jump much higher than normal), and more. Additional details about those will be shared at a later date!

Splatoon 3 (Switch) is now available worldwide.

Source: Squids Research Lab


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