Splatoon 3: latest details, pictures, videos from the Squid Research Lab

Announced during the Nintendo Direct presentation in February 2021, Splatoon 3 was released on September 9th 2022 on Nintendo Switch. Just like they did before launch, the members of the Squids Research Lab. are planning to share some details, pictures, and videos about the upcoming content updates for the game.

And on this page, you will find everything they share in one place! Naturally, we will update it as soon as something new is shared, so make sure to keep checking back!

Archives: February 10th to September 7th 2022 / November 15th to December 9th 2022 / February 10th to March 29th 2023 / May 2023

Here’s a YouTube playlist with all the videos in one place:

October 18th

The Squid Research Lab has shared a trailer for the upcoming Deep Cut amiibo (out on November 17th worldwide), showcasing the special Gear you can unlock with them:

Just like the other Splatoon amiibo, the Deep Cut amiibo will remember your Freshest Fits, net you some goodies, and you will be able to take pictures with Shiver, Frey, and Big Man!

October 13th

Halloween is just around the corner, and the Squid Research Lab has just announced that Splatoween is back! Splatoween 2023 will take place later this month, with a Splatfest to be held from October 27th to October 30th. While it’s running, Splatsville is getting some really spooky decorations!

The 3 members of Deep Cut will don their best Halloween costumes… and so will the Squid Sisters if you own the Expansion Pass and head to Inkopolis Plaza (also sporting Splatoween decorations)!

And to celebrate Splatoween, 4 special pieces of Gear + 2 Splashtag designs will be distributed via the News feature of the Nintendo Switch starting October 20th. Perfect for Inklings and Octolings looking for the perfect costume for Splatoween!

September 22nd

Acht is one of the characters appearing in the Side Order DLC for Splatoon 3. She’s an Octoling and an artist who goes by the pseudonym “Def1sh” in the underground music scene. Just like Agent 8, she somehow ended up in the World of Order. Perhaps because she arrived before them, she knows a great deal about the Spire of Order and the colour chips. It’s unclear what her true goal is, but it seems she’s going to help you ascend the Spire of Order.

Speaking of the Spire of Order, it appears that many trials await you and Agent 8 inside. More details will be shared in the future!

September 21st

Inside the Spire of Order, an army of mysterious creatures attack Agent 8 relentlessly. They look like bony fish, but it’s unclear whether they’re living creatures or machines. They appear to be working towards a greater purpose…

September 20th

Pearl is one of the characters appearing in the Side Order DLC. But in the strange world of the City of Order, the feisty member of Off the Hook has been turned into a drone. It’s not clear why she looks like that, but she doesn’t seem to mind. She flies around and supports Agent 8 as they explore the Spire of Order.

September 19th

The Squid Research Lab has shared some details about Side Order, the upcoming Wave 2 of the Expansion Pass for Splatoon 3.

Side Order takes place in the City of Order, which looks strangely like Inkopolis Square. It’s entirely covered in some peculiar white coral, and it appears completely deserted. According to the researchers, the rules of the real world do not seem to apply there.

The protagonist of the Side Order DLC is an Octoling known as Agent 8 (“Eight” to their friends). It appears they’ve been in contact with Off the Hook for a little while. In an unexpected turn of events, they suddenly find themselves transported to the City of Order.

Located at the heart of the City of Order is the Spire of Order, a mysterious place where the rules of the real world do not seem to apply. The layout of each floor changes every time you enter. And while the elevator does work, it only goes up on floor at a time.

In Side Order, you can improve Agent 8’s abilities using “Colour Chips” that you set on a “Palette”. Each colour chip has its own characteristics, and can boost your attack power, movement speed, attack range, and even speed.

When you go to challenge one of the many floors of the Spire of Order, you have to choose the colour chips you’re going to use and set them on the palette. Whether you go for an offense-based style or something more versatile is entirely up to you!

September 11th

To celebrate the end of the latest Splatfest, Deep Cut revealed their latest song: Daybreaker Anthem, which started playing in Splatsville immediately after the Splatfest!

“There’s nothing like the dawn of a fresh day after a Splatfest. This jam is for all the Splatlands real ones!”

Shiver and Frye, Deep Cut

August 31st

The Drizzle Season 2023 will introduce a new battle music track: Aquasonic by H2Whoa!

Here’s a preview:

August 30th

The Drizzle Season 2023 will introduce another new Turf War stage: Shipshape Cargo Co.. It’s located on a large cargo ship.

Also, the new Season will bring a slew of new locker decorations (over 300!), including a kimono and new stickers.

And that’s not all: new Tableturf Battle cards are also being added!

August 29th

The Drizzle Season 2023 will introduce a new Turf War stage: Crableg Capital. It’s located in the financial district, and features lots of tall skyscrappers that have been sprouting up one after the other due to redevelopment plans. Battles take place on top of one such skyscrapper that’s under construction.

A key element of the stage is the wire mesh platforms: do you use them to move around the construction site, or do you focus on inking the ground below? In any case, you better not be afraid of heights…

Also, the Drizzle Season 2023 will add no less than 80 banner designs and 400 titles, available at random via the Catalog and the Shell-Out Machine.

August 28th

Starting with the Drizzle Season 2023, you will receive a notification whenever a friend uploads a Battle Replay. You can then watch that Replay simply by selecting the notification.

Speaking of notifications, one will be sent to your friends and the players in the same Pools as you, if you get a rare item at the Shell-Out Machine. And if you get one such notification, you can send a “Fresh!” to the lucky player!

Finally, a handy change is coming to the game. Starting with the Drizzle Season 2023, you will be able to use Recon mode to check out a stage directly from the Stages menu. That way, you can easily check out the stages that are part of the rotation in regular battles and Anarchy Battles. And it’s not just for the current stages: you can also check out all the upcoming stages in the schedule!

August 25th

The Drizzle Season 2023 will introduce a new Deep Cut song, to be used during Splatfest battles:

Titled Big Betrayal, this tune tells the story of Big Man’s secret solo project as Ian BGM…and the consequences when Shiver and Frye found out about it. Listen to it here & during the upcoming Splatfest.

August 24th

The Drizzle Season 2023 will introduce more variants of existing weapons, such as:

  • Sloshing Machine Neo (Sub: Point Sensor / Special: Trizooka)
  • Tri-Stringer Inkline (Sub: Sprinkler / Special: Super Chump)
  • Gold Dynamo Roller (Sub: Splat Bomb / Special: Super Chump)

August 23rd

The Drizzle Season 2023 will introduce more variants of existing weapons, such as:

  • Splat Brella Sorella (Sub: Autobomb / Special: Inkjet)
  • Bloblobber Deco (Sub: Angle Shooter / Special: Kraken Royale)
  • Ballpoint Splatling Nouveau (Sub: Ink Mine / Special: Ink Vac)

August 22nd

The Drizzle Season 2023 will introduce more variants of existing weapons, such as:

  • Octobrush Nouveau (Sub: Squid Beakon / Special: Ink Storm)
  • Goo Tuber (Sub: Fizzy Bomb / Special: Ultra Stamp)

August 21st

The Drizzle Season 2023 will bring another Main Weapon called the Heavy Edit Splatling. It’s a new type of Heavy Splatling equipped with a unique cartridge ejection system and a new spinner that can shoot ink at a faster rate while maintaining high firepower when fully charged. With its rapid fire, you can defeat multiple opponents at once!

This weapon is powerful enough to allow you to defeat an opponent at full health with just 4 shots (if fired from the right distance).

This weapon does sound great on paper, but it has its drawbacks: its reach leaves to be desired, and it takes a while to fully charge. Make sure to keep that in mind when using it!

Next: the Catalog. Drizzle Season 3 is getting its own Catalog, filled to the brim with new Gear, emotes, and various other goodies. Also: contents from last year’s Catalog is also included in this one, which is the perfect occasion for you to get anything you may have missed the first time around!

August 18th

The Drizzle Season 2023 will bring a new Main Weapon called the Dread Wringer. It’s a new type of Slosher with two compartments for ink. This allows you to shoot two sloshes of ink per swing, and you can deal lots of damage if both hit your opponents.

Those two sloshes behave differently depending on whether you’re shooting straight ahead or not. If you are, then you can have both sloshes hit the same target. However, if you move the aiming reticle around, you can make it so each slosh hits a different target! The key to mastering this new Main Weapon is to think carefully about which kind of sloshes you want, depending on the situation: will you focus your attack on a single spot, or instead try to ink a wide area?

Here’s a video of the Dread Wringer in action:

Also, a returning stage will be added to Salmon Run: Salmonid Smokeyard. This stage is made of two raised platforms separated by a large groove. You need to make use of the propellervators to quickly move from one platform to the other.

And speaking of Salmon Run, new rewards will be added, including new Work Suits, Gear, Splashtags, decorations, and stickers for your locker!

And that’s not all! The next Big Run event (which runs from September 1st to September 4th) will feature special weapons developed by Grizzco. They will be available as part of the selection of weapons provided to all players part-time workers.

And of course, Drizzle Season 3 will bring a fresh batch of trendy Gear (including caps, t-shirts, etc.), along with a new option called Adjust Gear available when trying on select headgear and clothing items (including items you’re trying on in shops).

August 17th

The Squid Research Lab just announced that the next Season for Splatoon 3, the Drizzle Season 2023, will kick off on September 1st. Also, Deep Cut amiibo are releasing on November 17th worldwide, and the next Splatfest has been announced. Check out this post for all the details!

Splatoon 3 (Switch) is now available worldwide.

Source: Squids Research Lab


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