Splatoon 2: latest details, pics, GIFs (and more…) from the Squid Research Lab [July 1st to July 14th]

In this post, we’re going to gather all the details, pics, GIFs, videos, etc. for Splatoon 2, straight from the Squid Research Lab! This post covers the period going from July 1st to July 14th. For all the latest updates, check out this post!

July 14th

Today, Nintendo shared the following:

  • some pictures for the Flingza Roller, a new type of Roller found in Splatoon 2. Thanks to a special mechanism, the range of vertical swings has been increased (though the swings themselves are slower), and horizontal swings deal more damage (though they have a shorter range). Taking advantage of both increases is key to using this weapon!
  • some pictures for the Clash Blaster, a new type of Blaster found in Splatoon 2. It uses crayon-like projectiles filled with ink. Its range is quite short, and each projectile doesn’t deal much damage, but you can overhelm your opponent by shooting several projectiles in quick succession;
  • some pictures for Bisk, a new character found in Splatoon 2. He’s a spider crab, and he’s the one managing the Shella Fresh;
  • some pictures for the Tentatek Splattershot, one of the weapons available in the Splatoon 2: Splatfest World Premiere. It’s a special collaboration with the Tentatek company. The weapon itself works just like any regular Splattershot, and the difference resides in its Sub and Special Weapons (which are different from the standard model): Splat Bombs and Inkjet respectively.

July 13th

Over the past few days, Nintendo shared the following:

  • pictures for the Ink Armour, a new Special Weapon. It covers you and your teammates in protective ink, that significantly lowers the amount of damage received. Using this Special Weapon at the right time can totally tip the scale, with a well-timed push at the end of a battle for example;
  • pictures of Crusty Sean’s new occupation. The joyful fellow now has a food truck, that you can buy food from. If you eat food, you will receive more money or experience in battle for a limited time. However, there’s a catch: you need tickets to buy anything, and those tickets can be found in Hero Mode and Salmon Run;
  • pictures of the Bomb Launcher, a new Special Weapon. This machine throws bombs continuously while activated. If you quickly press the fire button, you can send the bombs flying further. It turns out there’s several types of Bomb Launchers, based on the various types of pitches in baseball: fastballs, curveballs, etc.;
  • pictures of Flow, one of the new shopkeepers in Splatoon 2. She’s a sea slug, and she operates Headspace (the headgear shop). She always has a mysterious aura, and she can’t help but teaser younger Inklings. Craymond watches over her continuously, from the top of Flow’s hat;
  • pictures of the Bubble Blower, a new Special Weapon found in Splatoon 2. It allows you to create up to three giant bubles. As they touch your team’s ink, it grows bigger and bigger, and eventually explodes. But if it comes into contact with your opponents’ ink, the bubble will grow smaller. This weapon will be added via a free Software udpate, after launch;
  • pictures of a different model of Splat Dualies. This one is called Dapple Dualies, and it allows you to perform quick slides. However, there’s a catch: its firing range is smaller than the regular Splat Dualies. By the way, the Splatoon 2 Direct confirmed that the new main weapons would get variants (like this one);
  • pictures of the Goo Tuber, a new type of Charger found in Splatoon 2. It allows you to keep the charged state for an extremely long time. That way, you can charge your weapon, get closer to the enemy, and then hit them with your shot;
  • pictures of Jelfonzo, who manages the Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe. He learned the Inkling language from some old books, which is why the way he speaks is pretty old-fashioned. But old-fashioned definitely isn’t a word you could use to describe his sense of fashion, as he’s always on the look out for the latest trend. Kinda logical, for the one managing the clothing shop!

July 10th

Over the past few days, Nintendo shared the following:

  • a screenshot of a Splatfest. For more details about Spaltfests, make sure to check out this post!
  • an artwork for the Splatfest, that shows how you can choose between Solo and Team play;
  • an artwork of Off the Hook, called Tentacles in Japan. Pearl is known as Hime in Japan, and Marina is known as Iida;
  • an artwork for the Full Throttle Tentacle song (called “Ebb & Flow” in English)
  • some pictures for the replacement of the Miiverse messages. From the announcement of the Splatfest until the end of the event, you can send special messages via the post box in the plaza, to support your team. If you linked your Twitter or Facebook messages, your message will also be shared there, if you want. Those messages appear in-game!
  • some pictures for the replacement of the Miiverse messages. You can send some messages via the post box even when Splatfest are not taking place, and they will appear in-game. The only difference with the Splatfest messages is that they will be displayed as graffiti instead (Splatfest messages aredisplayed on giant neon-coloured screens);
  • a screenshot of the Splatoon 2 Splatfest World Premiere demo, that shows the tutorial;
  • some screenshots for the post box mentioned above. In case you’re wondering: yes, you can send special Splatfest messages even in the demo!
  • some pictures for the Splat Brella (Parashelter in Japanese), a new type of weapon that will be added to the game after launch, via a free update. If you press the fire button briefly, it shoots inks. But if you keep that button pressed, you can open the “umbrella”, and defend yourself from enemy attacks;
  • pictures for the SplatNet 2 service (click here for more details)
  • pictures of Gear. Just like in the original, Gear available in stores is the same as regular Gear, but the Gear Abilities are not the same. The selection of Gear in stores change regularly, so you should definitely check them as often as possible if you’re looking for the right Gear. You can also check out the Gear Inklings in the plaza are wearing, and order them for yourself;
  • some pictures of a new weapon: the Bubble Blower (Ika Sphere in Japanese), a new special weapon that wraps you in a protective sphere (it doesn’t negate all damage, so be careful when using it!). When inside one, you can roll around the stage, pressing the ZR button to fill the sphere with ink. When it’s filled with ink, it explodes. You can use this to Special Weapon to take on the other team head-on, and mess up their formation
  • artworks of Pearl and Marina for the 1st Splatfest;
  • a picture of the Splatfest t-shirt for the first Splatfest. It comes with a Gear Ability that increases the power of additional Gear Ability slots, and also happens to be one of the new Gear Abilities;
  • a picture of the Super Sea Snails, that you get as reward after the Splatfest. Unfortunately, you cannot transfer those from the first Splatfest to the final game, once it launches…

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Splatoon 2 (Switch) comes out on July 21st worldwide.

Source: Squid Research Lab (Japan / North America)



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