Splatoon 2: latest details, pics, GIFs (and more…) from the Squid Research Lab

In this post, we’re going to gather all the details, pics, GIFs, videos, etc. for Splatoon 2, straight from the Squid Research Lab!

August 10th

Over the past few days, the Squid Research Lab shared the following:

  • some pictures of SplatNet 2 from the Nintendo Switch Online app, and more precisely the feature that lets you check out the Top 100 players during a Spaltfest, and from both teams;
  • pictures of Ikafry, snacks by Bandai that are shaped like those rings you go through in Hero Mode;
  • pictures of the Summer Vacation Collection, a special set of clothes available within the SplatNet 2 service from August 11th to August 16th. It turns out that Summer Vacation Collection is the name of a collection of t-shrits by The King of Games!
  • a Time Attack video for the 6th level from Hero Mode:

  • a soundtrack sample for Acid Hues, a new song by Off the Hook that debuted during the first Splatfest:

  • a soundtrack sample for Muck Warware, a new song by Off the Hook that debuted during the first Splatfest:

August 4th

Over the past few days, the Squid Research Lab shared the following:

  • some pictures and details for the SplatNet2 service, on the Nintendo Switch Online app. Details about the latest Splatfest can be found there, and you can even check out who your friends voted for in your friend list;
  • some pictures of the Splat Dualies water gun, from Japan;
  • some pictures of Splatoon-theme floating rings, from Japan;
  • a picture and some details about “Shiny Squids”. If you’ve played online often, you’ve probably come across Squids that are glowing, during the entrance “cutscene”: that shows they’ve won a lot of matches recently with the same weapon and in the same mode. That means they’re most likely going to be tough opponent, as they know the weapon they’re using pretty well. It’s always good to pay attention to your opponents before the match starts!
  • some pictures and details for Rockenberg, a returning brand found in Splatoon 2. They specialise in footwear. They’re a pretty well-known and long-standing brand known for their high-quality and extremely comfortable leather boots. In recent years, they also started producing apparel, leveraging their brand power and technological know-how. Unfortunately, their boots tend to be quite pricey…
  • pictures of the various brands found in the game. It’s up to you to choose your favorite clothes: you can focus on fashion, or instead Gear abilities… it all depends on the playstyle you’re aiming for;
  • a picture of Splatoon 2 guidebooks released in Japan.

July 31st

Today, the Squid Research Lab shared some more details about the Splatfests in Splatoon 2, and revealed that there would be something special about them. As usual, there will be 3 maps playable during the event, with two of them being regular maps already found in the game. But there will also be a third, special map called the Shifty Station.

Very little is known about the Shift Station, just that it will only be available during the Splatfest. What’s more, this map will take a different form for each Splatfest!

July 27th

Over the past few days, the Squid Research Lab shared the following:

  • some pictures and details for Zekko (Ezzoko in Japanese), a returning brand appearing in Splatoon 2. They offer casual clothes, and specialise in streetwear and clothes for surfers. Stadium jackets, beach sandals… their have a varied range of products;
  • some pictures and details for Zink (Aironikku in Japanese), a returning brand from Splatoon 2. They focus on sportswear, and offer clothes and shoes based on various sports, with simple designs but still quite fashionable. Their Seahorses shoes have become a staple of street fashion;
  • some pictures for Salmon Run, which is playable at all time in local multiplayer (but only during specific windows online);
  • some pictures and details for the Sting Ray. It fires high-pressure ink, that even goes through the terrain (walls, etc.). In the demo versions, you could barely move when using it, but in the final version, you can actually stop firing by becoming a squid. That way, you can easily reposition yourself if need be, to avoid enemy attacks or to find a better angle to attack your opponents from;
  • the final countdown picture.

July 20th

Over the past few days, the Squid Research Lab shared the following:

  • the fourth countdown artwork (2 days left)
  • the fifth countdown artwork (1 day left)
  • a screenshot and some details for Salmon Run. It reveals that this mode will be available for three days following launch (from July 21st to July 23rd, then). You need to be at least Rank 4 before you can take part
  • some pictures and details for the Splattershot, one of the returning weapons found in Splatoon 2. It’s the very first weapon young Inklings getting into the world of Turf Wars end up using. Since it takes a while to run out of ink, it’s the perfect weapon for beginners. Its sub weapon is the Splat Bomb, and its special weapon is the Ink Armour

July 18th

Today, the Squid Research Lab shared the following:

  • the third countdown artwork (3 days left)
  • screenshots and details for The Shoal, a special facility located in the main square, where players playing via local wireless can meet up. You can have Private matches in pretty much all game modes, including Salmon Run!
  • screenshots and details for Ika Radio 2 / Squid Radio 2, one of the new retro mini-games found in Splatoon 2. Developed by Ancho-V Games (just like the various retro mini-games in Splatoon), it’s a rhythm game featuring the very music from the game (you can just listen to the various tracks, if you want). As you probably expected, the number of tracks available in this mini-game depends on how far you are in the main game. Each track has two difficulty levels.

July 17th

Over the past few days, the Squid Research Lab shared the following:

  • the first countdown artwork (5 days left)
  • the second countdown artwork (4 days left)
  • some details and screenshots for Ranked Battles. This time around, there’s a separate rank for all three modes (Rainmaker, Tower Control, and Splat Zones). Naturally, the rank meter fills up the same way, but now, you have to fill it up for each rank;
  • some details and a screenshot for the Splat Power, which is a more accurate estimation of your abilities than your rank. The number is based on your wins and losses, but only appears once you’ve battled a certain number of time (you probably noticed it already during the Splatfest). With this system, you will be matched with teams as close to your level as possible;
  • some details screenshots for League Battles. In this mode, you can have ranked battles with either a team of four friends, or just a group of 2 (including yourself). When you play in this mode, you have a separate rank, which is reset every two hours. At the end of each session, you get a medal based on your performance during the two hours.

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Splatoon 2 (Switch) comes out on July 21st worldwide.

Source: Squid Research Lab (Japan / North America)



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