Splatoon 2: Frosty Fest event announced with special Splatfest and special Gear

A few weeks ago, Nintendo held the first seasonal event for Splatoon 2: Splatoween. While it was live, Inkopolis was filled with Halloween decorations, and there was a special 48h-long worldwide Splatfest (not to mention special Gear to get). And today, the Squid Research Lab announced that there will be a similar event for Christmas and New Year, called Frosty Fest. It will go live on December 21st, and it will run until early January.

While the Frosty Event is running, players will be able to see Inkopolis in a completely different light, what with all the Christmas decorations all over the place (including some seasonal graffiti). The colour of ink will also change to white and gold, as you can see in the pictures below. And of course, there will also be a special Splatfest on January 4th to January 6th. More details about have been added to the Splatfest page, so make sure to check it out! Of course, Pearl and Marina will don a special outfit for this one!

And just like last time, players can get special gear via a special post from the News section on Nintendo Switch. There’s 4 special pieces of Gear to collect:

  • New Year’s Glasses DX
  • Twisty Headband
  • Festive Party Cone
  • Eel-Cake Hat

The post is now available in the News section of the Nintendo Switch: it’s called “Free download! Celebrate Frosty Fest with this wintry in-game gear”. Make sure you check out the one for your region, as the link inside the post will only work with the right version of the game (European link with US version of the game will not work, for example).

The Content Updates page has been updated with those 4 pieces of Gear.

Here’s some pictures of the Frosty Fest event for Splatoon 2:

The Frosty Fest event for Splatoon 2 is also briefly shown in the latest TV Commercial for the Nintendo Switch in Japan:

Source: Squid Research Lab (Twitter)


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