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Splatoon 2: new battle mode, new stages, new music tracks, and more, coming via 2 new Software updates

Update: you can find more details (and pictures) about the upcoming content and updates for Splatoon 2 in this post!


Nintendo teased some major Splatoon 2 news for today, and it turns out that it was for two upcoming updates! Those two updates will add quite a lot of content to the game, with a new battle mode, new stages, new music tracks, tons of new Gear Items for your Inkling, and much more.

Here’s a video showcasing all the new content coming soon to Splatoon 2:

There’s two updates in the work: the first one will be released on Friday, and the second one in mid-December. Details about both will be available on our Splatoon 2 Updates page!

New stages

This Saturday, a brand new stage called MakoMart will go live at the usual time (click here for more details). Here’s what the Squid Research Lab has to say about it:

MakoMart is a huge supermarket that sells all its products in bulk. Inklings usually go shopping there with their teammates to buy massive hauls and divide it up later. Pretty thrifty!

There’s also a new stage called Shellendorf Institute, that will be released at a later date. Walleye Warehouse and Arowana Mall are also coming back, and will also be released at a later date.

But that’s not all: Salmon Run is also getting some love… or at least, a new stage: it’s called Salmonid Smokeyard, and it will be available right after the update has been released, on Friday. Here’s what the Squid Research Lab found out about it:

On this stage, a wide gap on the beach divides two platforms, with fan lifts being the quickest way to traverse the two platforms. After many unsuccessful trial runs, our scientists have concluded that teamwork will be required to use the fan lifts effectively.

New gear and hairstyles

This week’s update will add no less than 140 pieces of hear to the game. Yes, you ready that right: 140! That includes clothes, shoes, headgear, additional winter clothing, returning items from Splatoon, and more.

Also, some new hairstyles will be available in-game once you have installed the latest update. Of course, you will be able to have your Inkling use them, since you can edit it at any time… though that’s not a new feature!

New music tracks

The Squid Research Lab found out about not one, but two new bands that are making waves in Inkopolis: Bottom Feeders (punk) and Ink Theory (avant-garde).

Here’s a preview of two tracks: “Fins & Fiddle” and “Shipwreckin'”:

New features and changes

This week’s update will add several new features an make some changes to the game, such as:

  • photo sets: you and your amiibo will be able to post for in-game photos at pre-set locations in battle stages. You will be able to pose with your favourite weapons, and even use filters… it looks like Super Mario Odyssey’s snapshot mode got the Splatoon 2 development team inspired!
  • swap gear: tired of going back to lobby to change gear between battles? Well, thanks to this update, you will be able to do so without exiting the lobby, though only in Regular Battle, Ranked Battle, and Splatfest Battle (Solo). You will be able to swap gear straight from the match room, which is perfect for players who want to keep playing with the same people;
  • level cap raised: the level cap will be reaised from 50 to 99. What’s more, when you reach Level 99, you can talk to Judd and have your level reset to Level ★1, allowing you to keep raising your level.

New Battle Mode

Finally, there’s Clam Blitz, a brand new game mode that will go live along with the second update (scheduled for mid-December). The goal in this one is to collect clams scattered around the stage, and bring them to the basket near your opponent’s base. The first team to score 100 points wins. Oh, did we mention the clams actually follow you?

Of course, putting the clams in the basket isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. After all, you need to destroy the barrier that protects it, and the only way to do so is with a Power Clam. You get one of those after collecting 10 clams. In other words, you will have to decide which clams are used to destroy the barrier, and which ones are used to earn points.

And in case you’re wondering: yes, you can steal an opponent’s clams by splatting them. It’s a Battle Mode after all, not a “Let’s All Go Collect Clams Like Merry Happy Inklings Filled With Love and Friendship” Mode!

Here’s some pictures for both updates:

As usual, more details about the Software updates can be found on this page, and details about the new stages on this page!


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