Splatoon 2: more details and pictures for the upcoming updates (release window for new maps, new weapons, more)

Over the past few days, the Squid Research Lab shared a lot more details and pictures for the upcoming updates for Splatoon 2, announced on Tuesday.

First, we learn that Walleye Warehouse, one of the returning stages from Splatoon, will be added to the game in mid-December (most likely on December 15th/16th, if we’re to take that “mid-December” literally). On that map, you will be able to find the “Noshi Ika Graffiti” (by KAZOO), the winning entry from the Famitsu contest, that was held over this Summer.

As for Arowana Mall, the other returning stage from Splatoon, it will be added to the game in early February. It looks like the mall changed a fair bit in the past two years!

The upcoming update will also add the winning entry from the Famitsu Squid Fashion Contest 2017: the Ghillie Suit Style (by Puroron)! It will be one of the 140 new pieces of gear added to the game.

Next, some details about the brand new Battle Mode to be added in mid-December: Clam Blitz. When the battle begins, you have to go and collect clams, scattered around the stage. When you pick up clams, they automatically follow you around. At this point, it’s easier to find clams in your own ink, so it’s crucial to ink as much turf as you can.

Then, once you’ve collected 10 clams, they turn into a Power Clam. You have to bring it to the basket located close to the opponent team’s base, because said basket is protected by a barrier and the only way to break it down is to throw a Power Clam at it. Once the barrier is down, it’s your chance: throw as many clams as you can into it to rack up points.

You can extend the time the barrier is down by throwing clams into the basket, which is why you should coordinate with your teammates . You need to have one player with a Power Clam to break down the barrier, and at least one other to throw the regular clams into the basket. Ideally, the three other players are standing nearby, ready to throw the clams, but it’s obviously not going to be that easy with the other team also trying to score!

The thing is, when defeated, players drop the clams they had previously collected, which means you can steal the opponent team’s clams.

Next, we have a brand new map called Shellendorf Institute, a historical national museum, founded 120 years ago. Various giant fossils are on display, but also rare artifacts One has to wonder how Inklings can get away with holding Turf Wars in such a place… It will be added sometime in January.

Back to the November 24th update: it will add some new music tracks. Here’s previews for the two new bands performing those very tracks:

  • Ink Theory

  • Bottom Feeders

In case you’re wondering: yes, the new tracks will be included in the upcoming Splatune 2 album, releasing on November 29th in Japan. In fact, the artbook releasing on the same day also includes elements from the November 24th update!

The November 24th will also add new dishes to the Crust Bucket’s menu.

Finally, the Squid Research Lab also shared some details about upcoming weapons (official English names TBC!):

  • the Kelvin 525 (Splat Dualies): its power increases briefly after sliding;
  • Bottle Geyzer: its first shot is quite stronger than subsequent ones;
  • Spy Gadget (Splat Brella): allows you to shoot even when open. The drawback? It’s pretty fragile.

Those new weapons will be added to the game at a later date.

Finally, here’s plenty of screenshots and artworks for the new content coming soon to Splatoon 2:

For more details about the new maps and weapons for Splatoon 2, and more precisely when they’re releasing, make sure to keep an eye out on this post!

Source: Squid Research Lab (Twitter)


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