Snake Pass: 40% off on the Nintendo eShop (1st ever Switch sale), upcoming DLC teased

Earlier today, Sumo Digital announced the Sssummer of Sssales 2017. Basically, from June 27th (today!) to July 4th, Snake Pass is on sale on several digital platforms. Naturally, that includes the Nintendo eShop, which is getting its very first Nintendo Switch sale!

The Nintendo Switch was launched roughly 4 months ago, so it’s not really surprising that the first sale only came today. After all, the very first Nintendo Switch games also came out roughly 4 months ago, and most other indie games are even more recent. It’s no wonder indies don’t want early adopter feel cheated by discounting a game merely a few weeks after launch.

And since it’s the very first sale, there’s no special “Sales” section on the Nintendo eShop: you have to search for “Snake Pass” in order to find it. Hopefully, Nintendo adds such a section soon, so that Nintendo Switch owners can easily find games on sale.

So, back to Snake Pass, it’s currently on sale on the Nintendo eShop, until July 4th (it will go live later today in North America, at 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT). During that week, Snake Pass will be 40%, so 11.99€ / £9.59 / $11.99 (instead of 19.99€ / £15.99 / $19.99).

Here’s a “trailer” for this Sssummer of Sssales 2017:

Wait, isn’t there something odd about this video? There definitely is: there’s a tease for some new upcoming content. Unfortunately, we don’t really know what this DLC will include, how much it will cost (it’s most likely going to be free), and more importantly… when it will be released! Hopefully, Sumo Digital will make a proper announcement in the upcoming weeks!

The Nintendo eShop Sales page has been updated!

Source: Sumo Digital



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