Samurai Maiden: character profiles, details about gameplay system, more screenshots

Last month, D3 Publisher announced their latest game: Samurai Miaden, a single-player Girls Sword-fighting Action game developed by SHADE. And this week, they have shared some additional details about the game, along with some brand new screenshots.

First, here’s character profiles for the main characters:

  • Tsumugi (playable character, voiced by Yuki Komichi)

An ordinary young woman living in the 21st Century. While trying to get her head around Japanese history after class one day, she finds herself whisked to Honnō-ji during the Sengoku period. Having been trained in swordsmanship by her grandfather at his dojo since she was a child, she’s no stranger to the sword.

Fierce, determined and optimistic, Tsumugi prefers to act first and ask questions later. She possesses an inexplicable charm that draws in all who surround her. Her hobbies include shopping and eating desserts (especially crepes).

  • Ito (Gokage, voiced by Miku Ito)

One of the shinobi sworn to protect Tsumugi, Iyo is a ninja serving Nobunaga Oda during the Sengoku period. Though far tougher than most, she has a long way to go in mastering the art of stealth. Fully equipped with shinobi tools, she is adept with gunpowder, bombs, and flaming kunai. Iyo has a great respect and love for Tsumugi, and would give her life in a heartbeat to help her out. She does not always extend the same love to herself, however, as she struggles with self-doubt and insecurity. One of Iyo’s few indulgences is taking a bath after training.

  • Hagane (Gokage, voiced by Sumire Uesaka)

One of the shinobi sworn to protect Tsumugi, Hagane is a ninja with a partially mechanical body. Not only can her right arm extend and contract at will, but it can also emit a high-voltage current. Supportive and nurturing to the women around her, she heaps affection on them while paying no mind to their blushing. She does not pay her enemies any mercy either, and possesses a cold, pessimistic side grounded in a belief that fighting fate is futile. She unwinds after work by sipping on a nice glass of oil.

  • Komimi (Gokage, voiced by Miyu Tomita)

One of the shinobi sworn to protect Tsumugi, Komimi has a furry tail and pointy ears. She is a master of onmyoji magic and wields a colossal hammer with ease, encasing it in an icy air that sends shivers down her enemies’ spines. Instilled with an unshakable confidence in her own abilities, Komimi can come across as arrogant despite meaning well. Her weakness is her sense of direction—or lack thereof—and she gets lost whenever she sets out alone. Anyone wishing to brush Komimi’s glorious tail must obtain her express permission first.

Also, D3 Publisher shared some details about the gameplay systems of this non-stop action game:

Experience a lightning-fast fusion of swordsmanship and ninjutsu action. Wield Tsumugi’s blade to slice, sever, and stab your way through hordes of corpses, and harness the ninjutsu techniques of her three ninja allies, whose arsenals includes kunai, bombs, onmyoji magic, and even a mechanized fist! Combine these fighting styles to thrash the undead legions en masse.

Finally, we have details about a game mechanic called Devoted Heart, where the Gokage can share their life energy to boost Tsumugi’s powers:

This forbidden technique allows the ninjas to grant their life energy to Tsumugi to boost her power. It is activated by physical contact—pressing cheeks, holding hands, and especially locking lips can elevate Tsumugi’s power to its limit! However, be it present day or the Sengoku period, going straight for the kiss is a good way to get turned down. Instead, start with a gentle caress of the hand, and once a true bond has been formed, share a kiss to perform the most intimate technique of all, Devoted Heart.

And finally, here’s the latest batch of screenshots for the game:

Samurai Maiden (Switch) does not have a release date yet, but is slated for a Winter release worldwide.

Source: 4Gamer / official website


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