• Fixed unintentionally backing out of dialogs and close-up views, when skipping lines with a right click
  • Fixed Sam sometimes walking to the cursor when using a controller
  • Fixed Sybil’s tattoo chair being selectable when it’s off camera
  • Fixed Sam’s walk animation restarting when choosing a new destination while pathing (6184)
  • Fixed Sam jittering between walk & run animations when mashing left mouse button (6184)
  • Fixed bad model deformation on Specs’ mouth corners
  • Fixed a few typos in subtitles with Sam, Myra, and using the antenna object (thanks for letting us know!)
  • Disabled saving during opening credits, because save games created during the credits made the game do bad things (who saves during the credits?!)
  • DLC launcher now supports high DPI displays
Episode 1:
  • Fixed the Soda Poppers chase music not stopping when the end cutscene plays, and added a record scratch sound effect when the music stops because it felt right.
  • Fixed street graffiti glowing at night on Switch and some PC graphics modes
Episode 2:
  • Fixed Myra being selectable with gamepads even when she’s behind the talk show door
Episode 3:
  • Improved lighting when Ted E. Bear steps out of shadows during initiation