River City Ransom SP releasing on October 27th in Japan, co-op removed, new price

Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari SP (River City Ransom SP) is a Nintendo 3DS remake of the NES classic. It was originally supposed to come out on April 28th in Japan, but was subsequently delayed twice: first to June 2nd, and then to an unspecified date. Officially, the game was delayed in order to improve its quality, which is the reason given pretty much every time there’s a delay, even when it’s not for quality reasons.

But third time’s the charm, right? Today, Arc System Works announced that River City Ransom SP would be released on October 27th in Japan.

Unfortunately, it looks the two delays claimed local co-op for the Story Mode as their victim. Arc System Works explains in a notice that this feature will not be available in the final version of the game, to be released next month. Is this the reason the game was delayed to begin with (because of an issue regarding that mode)?

Since local co-op for the Story Mode has been removed, Arc System Works has decided to lower the price:

  • retail: 3 780 Yen (instead of 4 860 Yen)
  • digital: 3 500 Yen (instead of 4 500 Yen)

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River City Ransom SP (3DS) comes out on October 27th in Japan.

Source: Arc System Works


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