RIVE to get a Copilot Mode on Nintendo Switch

RIVE, the latest and last game from Two Tribes, is an intense twin-stick shooter that was originally supposed to be released on Wii U. However, following several delays, this version was ultimately cancelled due to various issues. The game will instead be released on the Nintendo Switch, as announced earlier this year at the Game Developer Conference 2017.

It’s been a while since we last heard about this version of RIVE, but not because of issues during development (fortunately). Today, Two Tribes explained they were pretty busy ironing out the “little kinks that come with supporting new hardware”, along with Engine Software (their development partner).

Right now, the game runs at a silky smooth 60fps, which is pretty good news: the Wii U not being able to do as much is the main reason why its version was canned in the first place.

When the Nintendo Switch version was confirmed, Two Tribes revealed that it would get an exclusive expansion. And today, they finally detailed this mysterious expansion: it’s actually a co-pilot mode!

The team wanted to leverage the Nintendo Switch’s local multiplayer capability (with the two Joy-Cons), but since there wasn’t enough buttons for the full, dual-stick, RIVE experience, they came up with this Copilot Mode instead.

Here’s how it works: one player control the Spider Tank, while the other attacks, with the two roles beign swapped whenever you die. The best part? Literally every part of RIVE can be played that way: the campaign (6 hours long), highscore and speedrun missions, the single-credit mode (for the most hardcore of players), inifinite battle arenas, daily challenges… yes, everything!

Unfortunately, Two Tribes isn’t quite ready to announce a release date, but it looks like we don’t have much longer to wait:

We’re not ready to announce a date just yet, but rest assured we’re getting close. Stay tuned for the full release announcement!

RIVE (Switch – eShop) should be released late this year, if everything goes well!

Source: Two Tribes



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