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Mighty Gunvolt Burst: Ver. 1.1 and DLC (Ekoro) announced

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 and Blaster Master Zero are both games developed by Inti Creates, and they both received some DLC. In fact, the latter is getting some more pretty soon, with Shovel Knight coming in just a few days! And guess what: Mighty Gunvolt Burst is getting some DLC, too… next week, in fact (on July 27th).

On that day, Mighty Gunvolt Burst will receive an update, that will bring the game to Ver. 1.1 and add a “new” playable character: Ekoro (from the Gal*Gun series).

We used quotation marks there because she is not really a newcomer: she already was in the original Mighty Gunvolt, released alongside Azure Striker Gunvolt back in 2014. However, she will truly be a new character to play, as her abilities have been reworked and upgraded

Naturally, both the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo 3DS versions of the game are getting the DLC, which will be free for the first two weeks (as is the normal for Inti Creates DLC). To be more precise, Ekoro will be available to download for free from July 27th to August 9th. After that, you will have to pay 1.99€ / $1.99 / £1.79 to get her.

Here’s some details about Ekoro:

A self-proclaimed “elite” angel has descended from the heavens.
Although she can’t use her popularity-inducing powers in the game world, her wings give her jump an extra “oomph” over the other characters. Her basic attack, the Angel’s Arrow, is a little weak. However, she has the power of the Goddess’s Blessing to compensate. Using this unique system to raise her firepower is crucial!


For Ekoro, there was no one she admired more than Patako, her upperclassman at the Angel Academy. So when Patako recommended a game for Ekoro, she was ready to play.

Even though Ekoro was no gamer, she felt her heart race as she put on the special HMD (Head Mounted Display) and entered the game world. Who knows if she will be able to finish the game, though…

Finally, here’s a trailer for Ver. 1.1, and some screenshots (+ one artwork) for Ekoro:

More details about Ver. 1.1 of Mighty Gunvolt Burst will be posted to this page when available!

Source: Inti Creates


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