REYNATIS: more footage and details; Famitsu interview

REYNATIS, the latest Action-RPG from FuRyu, comes out in about 3 months in Japan (and later this year in Europe and North America). If the game has piqued your interest and you’d like to see more of it in action, you’re in luck: there’s some brand new gameplay footage for you to check out!

And that’s not all! FuRyu has also been sharing even more details about the game, this time focusing on Owl the battle system (weapons, special moves, etc.), and more.

The Damned

Remember the illegal magical drug Le Bloom mentioned in this post? Addicts who keep using it eventually grow the ability to use magic powers, though in doing so, they become creatures known as the Damned. They turn into veritable monstrosities with grotesque limbs, and void of any reason.


Owl is the name of an organisation that supports lost wizards, founded by Kujiri Michirou. It keeps in check radicalised elements that the MEA (which is bound to the law) cannot deal with, going as far as imposing its own sanctions. However, the MEA is also keeping a close eye on Owl, considering it a threat. Owl has very few members, including Michirou himself. Nika assists them from time to time.

Owl’s main mission is to provide support for lost wizards, but they also punish Le Bloom dealers and radicalised groups. Marin’s first job as a member of Owl is to witness the final moments of an addict: following the death of a loved one, he ended up taking Le Bloom in order to turn into a Damned on purpose and get revenge.

The Owl’s hideout/office is located in a church that was abandoned following the redevelopment of Shibuya. The exterior looks old, but that’s not the case of the hidden room that serves as the actual hideout: Michirous, a neat freak, has made sure to keep it pristine over the years.


Wizards can imbue everyday objects with magic, turning them into weapon. Marin’s weapon is actually a mechanical pencil he always carries with him, wherever he goes. When infused with magical power, the pen turns into a rather unique sword with a blade that looks like the tip of a spear. Apparently, Marin gave is calling it “Tempest”.

Marin can use Tempest to unleash slashing attacks without giving them a chance to counterattack. By skillfully combining Skills (consume magical power when activated), you can perform a variety of combos. For example, you can launch enemies in the air before smashing them down0 You can also hold the attack button to charge attacks.

Nishijima Sari uses the standard weapon issued to all MEA members with magical powers. It may be fairly basic, it’s also a symbol of the MEA wizards, and so many members aspire to get their own.

The blade only appears when the weapon is imbued with magical power, which means that even if someone were to steal one, they would be unable to use it as a weapon unless they also happened to be a wizard. Also, that weapon is quite versatile, and allows for unique fighting styles depending on the user’s magical powers and fighting style.

As for Meguro Nika, she uses two weapons:

  • a pair of ribbons that stick out from her sleeves. When she imbues them with magic, she can extend and strengthen them, allowing her to reach enemies at a range.
  • floppy disks, stored in a pouch attached to her left thigh. She can use them to summon beasts stored on the disk. She can adapt her fighting style to the beat she summons.

Meguro Mika’s weapon is the very parasol she always carries with her. When she imbues it with magical power, the tip transforms into a hammer head, and she uses it to hit enemies with. Her weapon deals a lot of damage, but its weight causes her to stumble and/or falls when she swings it: its only drawback.

Special Moves

In battle, wizards can use chants to unleash powerful moves known as “Last Menace”.

  • Marin’s special move consists in countless shining blades (made of magical power) that wipe out all nearby enemies.
  • Sari’s special move takes the shape of a silver blade that she uses to unleash rapid slashes, dealing damage not just to her opponents but also surrounding space.
  • Nika’s special move allows her to unleashed a horde of powerful beats that run in all directions (including in the air) and wipe out a wide range of enemies.
  • Moa’s special move, Egosa Rabbit, is based on a character that appears in her favourite anime. She launches loads of them at enemies, dealing massive damage in the process. The big finale: a giant rabbit that wipes out all enemies in the vicinity when it explodes


Here’s some details about a few more characters:

  • Michirou: founder of Owl, an organisation that supports lost wizards. Judging by the tone of his voice, one might think he’s quite nonchalant, but when he comes across a wizard in need of help, he will do his utmost to assist them. He has wizard acquaintances all over Shibuya.
  • Nika: a “guest member” of Owl, and a third-year high-school student. When she’s not busy with her studies, she assists the organisation. Due to her being a wizard, she was forced to give up on becoming an athlete and was forced to skip school often. She used her frustration to fuel her motivation and study even harder for her university entrance exams.
  • Sari: her swordsmanship is without pair. She can shape the blade of the standard MEA weapon at will, and fights gracefully using agile slashes. She wears a white cloak with a crow motif, which is only issued to MEA wizards. That cloak reacts to magical power, emitting a pale blue glow inside, and allows its wearer to fly across the battlefield and launch a variety of aerial attacks while consuming only moderate amounts of magical power.
  • Moa: she crushes enemies with her parasol-hammer. Her mighty weapon allows her to deal powerful blows, but it has a major drawback: it’s so heavy, it causes her to stumble and occasionally fall when she swings it. By skillfully combining skills, you can attack enemies relentlessly.

Famitsu interview

NIS America has shared an official English translation of an interview published in Famitsu magazine earlier this year. In this interview, TAKUMI (Creative Producer), Scenario Writer Kazushige Nojima (Scenario Writer), and Yoko Shimomura (Composer) answer various questions about how the game to be.

The interview is available in several parts:

For more details and footage, make sure to check out this post:

REYNATIS (Switch) comes out on July 25th in Japan. No release date for Europe and North America yet, but the game is slated for a Fall release in those two regions.

Source: FuRyu (Twitter)


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