REYNATIS: more footage and lots of details (setting, story, characters, battles)

Over the past few weeks FuRYu has shared quite a lot of gameplay footage for REYNATIS, their latest Action-JRPG (out this July in Japan, and this Fall in Europe and North America). That footage comes alongside a slew of fresh details about the game, and more precisely the setting, the story, some of the characters, the battle system, and more.

First up, here’s the new gameplay footage:


REYNATIS takes place in 2024, in Shibuya (Tokyo). Due to the Anti-Magic Law, a curfew prohibits people from going out at night.

While wandering around town, players will find many stores and famous places from real-world Shibuya (such as the famous SHIBUYA109): those were re-created in colalboration with the actual stores, which is why they appear under their real name.

The story begins when the two main characters (who also happen to be wizards) meet.


In this world, people are divided in two “categories”: those who can use magic and those who cannot. Wizards are feared by civilians, who see them as dangerous. As a result, wizards are forced to hide their identity and live in seclusion.

Who knows if the person waiting right by you at the street crossing isn’t a wizard…

Social media

While exploring Shibuya, you can either go around as a civilian by hiding your powers, or you can openly flaunt them. If you do, people will talk about you on social media. Keep at it, and you will end up trending, which will attract officers from the MEA (the organisation tasked with keeping wizards under control)!

If you’re spotted using your powers in the open, you can (in theory) escape by immediately leaving the area. However, Marin is one prideful man, and will not run away.


While exploring Shibuya, you will come across various graffitis: Wizarts Those serve as magic circles that grant you new magic powers. There are two types of Wizarts:

  • Skill Wizarts: grant skills and magic.
  • Ability Wizart: improve character abilities.

Some Wizarts can be shared among the party members, while others are unique to specific characters. Also, Wizarts can be further strengthened using EXP.


While exploring Shibuya, you will come across Fog: mist-like phenoneons that can only be seen by wizzards. Using a specific spell, you can enter another world which is under the control of the Guild.


Magic is the power that connects fantasy with reality. The stronger your belief, the stronger the magic. In rare casses, a person may awaken to their magic powers following a near-death experience. Those who do so are known as “Replicas” (or imitations). Meanwhile, those who are born with them are known as “Legacies”.

Magic power is stronger in Legacies than in Replicas, which also has an effect on their appearance.

Le Bloom

In Shibuya, a deadly, illegal magical drug known as Le Bloom is circulating. It’s said to be quite effective as relieving stress, and gives people a strong feeling of omnipotence and euphoria while improving their appetite and sleep. However, like all drugs, it is highly addictive, and causes users to turn violent once the effects wear off. Also, it appears the drugs can allow the user to use magic in certain conditions, but it is a straight path to destruction…


The battle system revolves around two “modes” called Suppressed Mode and Liberated Mode.

When using Suppressed Mode, you cannot attack at all, but enemy attacks are slowed down dramatically, allowing you to easily dodge them by pressing a button. Meanwhile, in Liberated Mode, you can unleash a flurry of attacks, but you will also be left defenseless. The key to victory lies in learning when to switch from one mode to the other.

In battles, your party can have up to 3 characters at once. Each character plays differently, so feel free to instantly switch between each one depending on the situation in order to gain the upper hand. Characters you do not control fight by your side.


The MEA (Magic Enforcement Administration) is an organisation that protects the peace in Shibuya. It aims to eradicate the illega drug traffic that plagues Shibuya, and cracks down on wizards who disrupt the peace. They are keeping an eye on the Japanese Magic Guild (who is causing chaos) and Owl (who act independently).


Finally, here’s some details about some of the characters:

  • Kirizuma Marin (voiced by Chiaki Kobayashi): he aims to become the strongest wizard the world has ever seen in order free himself from oppression. Following the words left behind by his father, he decides to head to Shibuya.
  • Nishijima Sari (voiced by Akari Kitou): a member of the MEA’s Wizard Task Force. Even though she was encouraged to become some sort of mascot for the task force, she instead volunteered for field work. She has a strong sense of justice (stronger than most people), and is bent on cracking down on illegal use of magic.
  • Ukai Kiichiro: he’s good at gathering intel, and is said to be the brains of the task force. He struggled with having to hide his magic powers, so he joined the MEA. While he’s not really interested in getting a promotion, he still takes his job seriously and rejects failure. He’s rather reluctant to take responsibility, which is why he always lets others make decisions.
  • Meguro Nika (voiced by Asaki Yuikawa): following a kidnapping, she found herself on the verge of death, and that’s when she awakened to her magical powers. Following this, she was kicked out of a club when her friends found out about her powers. She collaborates with Owl, and encounters Marin in Shibuya by chance. She uses summoning magic in battle, conjuring up snakes and owls to attack.
  • Dogo Masayoshi (voiced by Yuichirou Umehara): a troublemaker who was assigned to Sari’s task force. He’s afraid of magic, and always relies on his fists in battle. He believes it’s his mission to fix society using magic.
  • Moa Fukamachi (voiced by Rina Kawaguchi): when she found herself in the depths of despair, Michirou helped her get back on her feet, and since then, she’s been supporting him. She often acts all cheerful-like, but in truth, she easily gets depressed. She craves recognition so badly, she just keeps tweeting despite her account having only 0 followers. She fights using powerful wide-ranging attacks thanks to her handy umbrella that also doubles as a hammer. She also happens to love selfies, and never misses an occasion to snap one… even in battle!
  • Makabe Soukuu (voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa): the leader of the Japanese Magic Guild. In order to help wizards regain the human rights that were taken from them, and to protect the Japanese magical society, he isn’t afraid to go head-to-head with the MEA.
  • Shidou Ryuunosuke (voiced by Hideo Ishikawa): Minister of Internal Affairs at the Japanese Magic Guild. He maintains order by getting rid of intruders.
  • Kofuku Yakumo (voiced by Kenichi Suzumura): a member of the Japanese Magic Guild. He’s obsessed with beauty, and collects magic-related artefacts from all over the world.
  • Kiyokawa Shinzaburou (voiced by Shigeru Chiba): another member of the Japanese Magic Guild. He’s the one who manufactures Le Bloom (a magical drug) and distributes it in Shibuya.
  • Suda Alice (voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi): a Legacy who belongs to the Japanese Magic Guild. She manages a magical zoo where she creates and trains monsters. She works hard to create new monsters and improve their combat abilities.
  • Shinzaki Jem (voiced by Yuma Uchida): a member of the Japanese Magic Guild in charge of scouting. He idolises Makabe Souku, and considers himself his right-hand man. His contribution to the guild is a unique system designed to scout wizards. He’s proud of his heritage: Shinzaki being the name of a veteran of the guild.
  • Tsumugi (voiced by Reina Ueda): a Replica, and a member of the Japanese Magic Guild. She used to be an office worker, but that was before she awakened to her powers following an unfortunate accident at the age of 22. Soon after, the company she worked at found out about her powers and fired her on the spot. Looking for a place to live, she ended up at the guild.
  • Seo Kuon (voiced by Kouki Uchiyama): a wandering wizard who does not belong to any organisation. He dreams of becoming a magical artist. Meets Marin by chance.
  • Kaidou Mugen (voiced by Norio Wakamoto): Captain of the MEA’s Magical Task Force. A rough and brutal man feared by his fellows.
  • Dougami Sayoko (voiced by Kikuko Inoue): Deputy Director General of the MEA, who graduated from a famous British university at the top of her class. She started her own business when she was still in her 20s, working as a manager. However, because of her being a witch, she was the target of repeated slander, and she lost control of her company. After that event, her brother invited her to join the MEA.
  • Kujiri Michirou (voiced by Souma Saitou): the founder of Owl, a group that supports lost wizards who have no place to go. He supports wizards and their families in Shibuya. A kind and caring person.

REYNATIS (Switch) comes out on July 25th in Japan, and this Fall in Europe and North America.

Source: FuRyu (Twitter)


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