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Reminder – Club Nintendo: last hours for digital games registration (EU)

Japan (over)

As weeks and months go by, the closure of Club Nintendo gets closer and closer. In Japan, the registration of games on the Club Nintendo ends tomorrow (April 20th) at 11.59PM JST. After this date, you won’t be able to register anything, be it a retail game with a PIN Code or a digital game downloaded on the Nintendo eShop.

Therefore, if you’re planning to get some additional points (to get one of the goodies from the last batch of Club Nintendo goodies, maybe?), make sure you don’t wait until the last minute to register your remaining games! Then, you’ll have until September 30th to exchange your points for some goodies.

And while we’re at it, here’s pictures of several Club Nintendo goodies (those were announced a few weeks ago, but didn’t have picture then):

Europe (last hours)

In Europe, Nintendo stopped including PIN Codes with retail games on March 31st, but you can still register those until September 30th (provided you have a PIN Code). It’s a different story for digital games bought on the Nintendo eShop, as you won’t be able to register those after April 20th (11.59PM local time).

This includes:

– buying digital games on the Nintendo eShop, and having them appear on your Club Nintendo account
– completing the registration survey

Therefore, you should go and check if you have any registration surveys left before it’s too late. Also, don’t forget that free games/apps (such as the recently launched Polémon Shuffle and Pokémon Rumble World) can net you 50 stars, so you can go and download them (even if you’re not interested in playing them).Unfortunately, the “digital games” don’t include the digital version of retail games: registration for those ended on March 31st.

Finally, don’t forget it always take some time before a downloaded game appears on your Club Nintendo, so you shouldn’t wait until April 23th at 11.59PM to download some.

You will then have until September 30th to use your points.

Source: Nintendo (EU / JP)


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