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JP Club Nintendo: another round of goodies (3DS theme, rubber coasters and more)

Last month, Nintendo added quite a lot of goodies to the Club Nintendo catalogue in Japan, which led us to believe this was the final round… but turns out it wasn’t the case! Earlier this morning, the company added even more goodies, so that fans can spend their remaining points before the closure of Club Nintendo in September.

Here’s the list of new goodies for the Japanese Club Nintendo catalogue:

– Nintendo 3DS Theme: Nikki’s Travel Quiz (10 points, out in April)
– Badge Collection Center: 5 plays (20 points, out in April)
– Club Nintendo Calendar 2016 (70 points, out in May)
– Towel / Handkerchief: Rosalina (120 points, out in May)
– Towel / Handkerchief: Donkey Kong (120 points, out in May)
– Towel / Handkerchief: Splatoon (120 points, out in May)
– Rubber Coaster: Blocs (150 points, out in April)
– Rubber Coaster: Bob-omb (150 points, out in April)
– Rubber Coaster: Fire Flower (150 points, out in April)
– Decorative Ribbon: Super Mario Bros. (x3) (200 points, out in May)
– Dot Mario Tissue Cover (350 points, out in April)

Here’s some pictures for those goodies:

Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing whether any of those goodies will eventually end up on the European Club Nintendo catalogue (North America already got a last batch of goodies last month).

Source: Club Nintendo


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