Puzzle & Dragons X: scans and details from Famitsu (story, characters, co-op)

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine came out a couple of hours ago (digitally), and this week, it features an article about Puzzle & Dragons X. This time around, we get some details about the story, the characters, and even co-op.

Puzzle & Dragons XFirst, a small precision about the two versions: the only difference between the two is that some monsters only appear in a specific version. Other than that, the story, gameplay systems, etc., are exactly the same. The game is set on an island called Dragoza Island, a place that all kinds of people call home: ordinary people,  but also Dragon Callers (who don’t necessarily have good intetions, and some of them are even described as evil).

The overall plot should feel familiar to fans of shounen manga / anime. The protagonist is training to become a Dragon Caller, and during their journey, they will meet trusty allies and strong enemies. As is often the case with such stories, what begins as a personal adventure will end up involving the entire world.

Here’s some details about the main characters of Puzzle & Dragons X:

  • Ace (12 years old) + Tamazo: the protagonist, who can be either a boy or a girl. One day, he finds out he can see drops (which is not something ordinary people can do), and he decides to go take the entrance exam for the Dragon Caller Guild. As mentioned previously, the protagonist dons a special armour called “Soul Armour” in battle, which allows them to channel the power of monsters. Five of them have been revealed so far, including the Great Valkyrie (whose appearance change depending on the gender of your character);
  • Lance (also 12 years old) + Devi: the protagonist’s rival, and genius who excels at both learning and battles. He has only one desire: become stronger, and he only opens his heart to Devi, his partner.

Next, we have the partner characters of Puzzle & Dragons X:

  • Charo (10 years old) + Toyceratops: a young boy from Liblia (known as the wood town). He has a little problem: he simply cannot hide his emotions. The reason he came to Dragoza Island is to become a Dragon Caller;
  • Sonia: a Dragon Caller who works pretty hard in order to maintain the balance between nature and drops on Dragoza Island;
  • Tiger (14 years old) + Flare Drall: a young boy from Geyser (known as the fire town). He’s always looking after people, and he becomes friend with the protagonist.

Famitsu mentions legendary Dragon Callers, called “The Ancients”. They can transform into “Ancient Gods” or “Ancient Dragons” (most likely depending on the version you’re playing, since they’re called Chapter of the God / Dragon respectively). On Dragoza Island, you can find Ancients of all five elements (Fire, Wood, Water, Light, Dark).

Finally, some details about co-op (local wireless only). As mentioned in a previous report, co-op is not just for battles: it also works in the overworld, in towns, etc.. All you have to do is head to the Dragoza Communication Center in town in order to join a friend (or have them join you instead). An important thing to note about the partners above is that they can join you for co-op play (where they are controlled by the AI).

The magazine shows us what the battle screen looks like in co-op:

  • Top screen: Player A and B, and the monster;
  • Bottom screeb: the teams and boards of the players;

As mentioned in this post, the player who is not playing can see the board and movemements of their partner. There are some benefits to play in co-op: for example, you can target your partner, in order to heal their team. What’s more, damage taken from enemies is halved, and both players get the same rewards (something we already reported in this post).

Finally, here’s the scans from Famitsu magazine:

Puzzle & Dragons X (3DS) comes out on July 28th in Japan.

Source: Famitsu
Scans by: Japanese Nintendo
Thanks Ash for the translations!



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