Professor Layton: new (adventure) game in the works

It’s now been three years since the release of Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, the latest entry in the Professor Layton series. Since then, the series has been in hiatus. Level-5 did reveal Layton 7 (3DS / Mobile) at the Level-5 Vision 2013 conference, but it wasn’t clear what the game was supposed to be (even Akihiro Hino didn’t really seem to know!).

It was shown again last year, during the Level-5 Vision 2015 conference, and the game had radically changed… and wasn’t planned for the Nintendo 3DS anymore.

But today, Akihiro Hino confirmed that the main series would continue. A brand new Layton game was announced, and it’s of the Adventure type (with puzzles and everything). Akihiro Hino didn’t reveal who the protagonist would be, but it’s clear it will not be Professor Layton (it’s something he actually confirmed several years ago.

Here’s some screencaps from the livestream, which show various concept-art pieces of characters, areas (with what seems to be London… not surprising for a Professor Layton game!), and more:

Just like the new Inazuma Eleven game, this new Professor Layton entry will be revealed next month during the Level-5 Vision 2016 conference. It’s not clear on which platform it will be revealed, but a Nintendo handheld and mobile are likely candidates.

Source: Level-5 Livestream
Via: GamesTalk



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