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PokéNews (Oct. 27) – Pokémon Sun and Moon: final evo. of starters leaked… again, more

Today’s Pokémon news: final evolution of the Pokémon Sun and Moon started leaked… again, but also…

  • Volcanion distribution
  • Pokémon Comaster

Pokémon Sun and Moon

A few months ago, the design of quite a lot of Pokémon leaked on the internet (though we never posted them on this website). And today, the design of the final evolution of the starters leaked… again. This time, it’s because of The Pokémon Company, who tweeted something that was not supposed to go live just yet.

They tweeted the packaging of TCG sets for Pokémon Sun and Moon, and said packaging happens to feature the final evolution of the three starters:

  • Junaibaa (Grass)
  • Gaogaen (Fire)
  • Asirene (Water)

Here’s the picture they tweeted:

 It’s quite likely that the final evolution of the starters will be revealed later today, in the latest batch of details for the game.

Talking of Pokémon Sun and Moon, Nintendo published the second part of their interview with Shigeru Ohmori (Director) and Junichi Masuda (Director of the Pokémon series). It covers various topics, such as how they came up with the Alolan Forms, where they draw their inspiration when creating new Pokémon, or why the game is located in a region inspired by Hawai.

Here’s an excerpt:

As Pokémon is an RPG, we focussed on making sure that this core element was fun to play. We have all sorts of different players for Pokémon, and we want each player to have their own unique experience with the game.


One thing we thought of when creating Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon was the Nintendo 3DS itself and what new things we could create with the technology. One thing you’ll have seen is that the height of the main character is a lot different. We’ve managed to make the characters more expressive as themselves, such as the facial expressions and the reactions to different things in-game. Through these improvements, players can get a deeper connection with the story and enjoy it that way.

Click here to check out the full interview!

Pokémon Sun and Moon (3DS) comes out on November 18th in Japan and North America, and November 23rd in Europe.

Via: Serebii

Volcanion distribution

Heads up for players living in France: the Volcanion disitribution starts on October 31st. If you go to one of the Micromania stores across the country, you will be able to get your serial code, redeemable in Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire.

If you live in North America, the distribution ends on Monday!

Source: Serebii

Pokémon Comaster

Today, a new update for Pokémon Comaster was released. It adds the following:

  • new figures in the regular Trevo: Greninja, Chesnaught, Delphox, Raichu, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Zweilous, Sliggoo, Shuppet, and Pupitar;
  • new figures as special Halloween Trevo prize for League Matches: Dark and Ghost-type Pokémon, Delphox, Espurr, and more.

Source: Serebii


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