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Investor Briefing (Oct. 2016) – Kimishima on Pokémon Sun and Moon (pre-orders, demo, more)

During the usual meeting with investors, which always follows the presentation of the latest financial results, Nintendo talked about Pokémon Sun and Moon, one of their key titles for the holiday period this year.

First, Tatsumi Kimishia explains that there’s “fantastic momentum” for the release of this brand new entry in the Pokémon series, thanks to the popularity of Pokémon GO. That and celebrations for the 20th Anniversary of the series should lead to really strong sales for Pokémon Sun and Moon (stronger than for Pokémon X and Y).

The game was made to be accessible to all kind of players, even though who discovered the series via Pokémon GO. Nintendo is also banking on nostalgia, with the inclusion of the Alolan Forms (for Pokémon from the very first generation).

Next, Tatsumi Kimishima showed the following graph:

Pokemon Sun and Moon pre-ordersThis graph shows pre-orders in Japan, United States, and Europe, which are significantly stronger than for Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire (especially in the United States and in Europe). Then again, Kimishima also notes that pre-orders began much earlier for Pokémon Sun and Moon in Japan, so a straight comparison isn’t possible.

Still, pre-order data makes it  pretty clear that there is a lot more interest for Pokémon Sun and Moon. In Japan, Nintendo will start airing TV Commercials this week-end.

But TV commercials are not the only way to promote games: demos are also pretty efficient too. In fact, the one for Pokémon Sun and Moon is doing extremely well: it’s already been downloaded over 3.5 million times, which is the fastest start ever for a demo on Nintendo 3DS.

Finally, Kimishima mentions the special Nintendo 3DS consoles that will be released:

  • special Nintendo 2DS: Japan and Europe
  • Solgaleo x Lunala New Nintendo 3DS XL: Japan, Europe, and North America
  • Pikachu New Nintendo 3DS XL: Japan

Source: Nintendo


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