PokéNews (Nov. 16): Pokémon Sun and Moon / Pokémon GO Plus

Today’s Pokémon news: Japanese commercial and midnight launch event for Pokémon Sun and Moon, but also…

  • Pokémon GO Plus
  • Pokkén Tournament (Arcade)
  • Pika-Chan

Pokémon Sun and Moon

Here’s the latest TV Commercial for Pokémon Sun and Moon in Japan:


Also, if you live in Australia, and more precisely near Melbourne, make sure to head over to the midnight launch event for Pokémon Sun and Moon. It will take place from 9PM to 12AM on November 17th, at the Federation Square in Melbourne (Victoria).

If you’re interested, click here to get more details!

Pokémon GO Plus

Starting today, the Pokémon GO Plus accessories is once again available on Pokémon Center Online (in Japan), but also Amazon.co.jp. If you buy it from Amazon, you will also receive a special coupon offering 300 Yen off Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Sun on Nintendo 3DS!

Source: Famitsu

Pokkén Tournament (Arcade)

Today, a special ranking event for Pokkén Tournament on Arcade went live in Japan. Players who rank 1 to 10 will receive a special title:

  • the player ranked #1 will get a special title based on the Battle Pokémon they used, along with a special title;
  • players ranked #2 to #10 will receive a special title.

Source: Bandai-Namco


Here’s the latest episode of Pika-Chan, The Pokémon Company’s webshow about battles in Pokémon games:



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