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PokéNews (Apr. 12): Pokémon Duel / Pokémon TV

Today’s Pokémon news: more details for today’s update + new events for Pokémon Duel, but also…

  • Pokémon TV
  • Pokémon no Uchi Atsumaru?!

Pokémon Duel

Today, a new udpate for Pokémon Duel was released: it brings the game to Ver. 3.0.6, and you can find more details about it on this page. Along with the changes mentioned there, the update also added 11 new figures and 4 new plates

  • EX: Virizion, Sceptile, and Trevenant;
  • R: Grovyle, Lilligant, and Crobat;
  • UC: Skorupi, Swellow, Chikoritta, Phantump, and Petilil;
  • Plates: focus on Grass, Flying, Bug, and Ghost-type Pokémon

But that’s not all: until April 26th, you can get some Orange Time Boosters from League Matches: those are guaranteed to hold either a Grass-type or Poison-type Pokémon. Another event is running (as part of the celebrations for the game’s 1st Anniversary), this time until April 19th: a Sextuple Booster is available for purchase (cost: 300 Gems), and gives you 6 figures (with at least one EX figure). You can only buy 5 of those.

The list of on-going events for Pokémon Duel has been updated!

Source: Serebii

Pokémon TV

Here’s the latest promo video for Pokémon TV, highlighting the episodes about the Kalos League (from Pokémon XY & Y):

Pokémon no Uchi Atsumaru?!

Here’s the preview for the next episode of Pokémon no Uchi Atsumaru?!, airing this Sunday in Japan:




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