Pokémon news (Feb. 6) – Pokémon Day, distributions

Pokémon Day

February 27th will be Pokémon Day (20 years after the release of the original games in Japan), and there will be several events celebrating it:

  • the release of Pokémon Red / Blue / (Green) / Yellow on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console + the various bundles.
  • Toys ‘R’ Us will give special foil cards featuring Pikachu and Magikarp (from the new Pokémon TCG: Generations expansion), but also a Pokémon activity book, and a poster of the original 151 Pokémon (while supplies last). Also, the stores will have an exclusive Generations-themed binder available for purchase.
  • GameStop will give a free Mythical Pokémon poster with purchase of any Pokémon product (while supplies last). Also, an exclusive Mew plush is also available for purchase.
  • Nintendo NY (Rockefeller Center, in New York City) will have fun activities.

Source: The Pokémon Company

Pokémon distribution

Yesterday, The Pokémon Company confirmed the distribution dates and methods for some of the mythical Pokémon:

  • Celebi: from March 1st to March 24th, via Nintendo Network
  • Jirachi: from April 1st to April 24th, via Nintendo Network

Nintendo 2DS bundle

Here’s a short commercial for the Nintendo 2DS + Pokémon Red / Blue / Yellow bundles, coming out on February 27th in Europe.

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Mew distribution

In Japan, owners of the Nintendo 2DS + Pokémon Red / Green / Blue / Yellow bundle will be able to get Mew in the original game, thanks to the Mew exchange ticket. The distribution will run from March 19th to May 8th in the following stores: Pokémon Center, Pokémon Store, Toys R Us, Tsutaya, and Aeon stores.

The Pokémon Company gives some recommendation to players looking forward to get their Mew:

  • save the game in front of the Cable Club
  • put a Pokémon at the head of your party in order to trade it
  • change you console username to Pokémon
  • bring your Mew exchange ticket with you!

Via: Serebii

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon

Here’s another promotional video for Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, which comes out on February 19th in Europe:

Pokémon Center

On February 16th, an online version of the Pokémon Center (stores entirely dedicated to Pokémon) will re-open in Japan, almost 10 years since its closure: you can click here to check it out (teaser page only for now). To celebrate the re-opening, there will be several campaigns, such as 100 PokéPoints to all fans who pre-register until February 14th. Free shipping will be available for those 3 000 Yen+ orders.

Via: Serebii


Here’s pitures of several Pokémon-related goodies coming soon to Japan (or already available):

  • “Futon” pouch for your smartphone
  • Cushions
  • keyrings
  • bags
  • caps
  • stickers
  • clear files
  • t-shirts
  • Nendoroid

Source: The Pokémon Company (1 / 2) / IT Media



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