Pokémon Day 2020: Zarude revealed (Pokémon Sword and Shield), Pokémon Shirts, Pokémon Masters, more

The Pokémon Company have made several announcements today, in order to celebrate Pokémon Day 2020: new Mythical Pokémon for Pokémon Sword and Shield, Pokémon of the Year, more Pokémon Shirts designs, latest Pokémon Masters news, and more!

Pokémon Sword and Shield – Zarude

The Pokémon Company have revealed a brand new Mythical Pokémon: Zarude. Unfortunately, we don’t know when this Pokémon will be added to Pokémon Sword and Shield: all we know is that it will not be available via regular gameplay (which means it will most likely be distributed via a special distribution).

Here’s a trailer, some details, and an artwork for Zarude:

  • Name: Zarude
  • Category: Rogue Monkey Pokémon
  • Height: 5’11”
  • Weight: 154.3 lb.
  • Type: Dark/Grass

Zarude is a Dark- and Grass-type Pokémon that can grow vines from the back of its neck, its wrists, and the soles of its feet at will. The vines are strong and flexible and are useful for many different situations. They can be used to wrap around tree branches to move around and grab Berries from distant branches, and they even have healing properties. This Mythical Pokémon lives in a pack deep in the dense forests of Galar. It treats anyone that isn’t part of its pack with immediate hostility. When fighting, Zarude swings around from tree branches, attacking relentlessly with its sharp claws. Its quick wit helps it excel in battles.

Source: The Pokémon Company PR

Pokémon Masters

The Pokémon Company have shared a video celebrating the 6 Months Anniversary of Pokémon Masters:

Make sure to check out this page for all the details about the latest Pokémon Masters events!

Pokémon Shirts

To celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Pokémon Shirts, 100 new Pokémon fabrics (based on Pokémon from the Johto regions) have been added to the service:

100 new Pokémon fabrics inspired by the Johto region in the Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver video games have joined the current fabric selection, bringing the total number of fabrics available to 251. Customers can create their own unique shirt with the flexibility and option of choosing unique fabrics at six different parts of the shirt: collar, inner collar, cuffs, inner cuffs, base, and pocket. With the original 151 Pokémon fabrics inspired by the Kanto region in the Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green video games, customers can now mix and match Pokémon originally discovered in both regions within one shirt!

20 of those new fabrics are available via a pre-sale running from February 28th to March 1st. Fans who do place an order during the pre-sale will also get the following:

  • a special handkerchief, made with one of the 20 fabrics
  • a free shipping code for future orders.

Here’s the prices:

  • Adult – $100 + shipping fee (Each customization added will be + $7)
  • Kids – $85 + shipping fee (Customizing the pocket will be + $5)

And here’s some pictures:

Also, starting today, the line is now available in kids size:

Kids shirts are available in a button-down or in a Hawaiian style, perfect for summer with its relaxed open collar. Sizes range from 3T to 9/10 youth. The customizable areas for kids shirts are pocket, sleeve length, the shape of collar (for button-down shirt only) and the color of buttons. Choose your favorite Pokémon from the Kanto or Johto regions in the video games!

Source: The Pokémon Company PR

Pokémon of the Year

The Pokémon Company have revealed the results of the Pokémon of the Year vote:


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