NPD: even more data for July 2016 (United States)

On Monday, the NPD shared its public data for July 2016 in the United States (for more data, check out this post, or this one!). It reveals that sales of video games in the country generated $480.1 million in July 2016 (July 4th to July 30th), which is a 14% drop from June 2016 sales ($559.1 million). Sales were already down Year on Year in June.

Here’s some raw data to begin:

  • Hardware: $141.3 million (-30%), as opposed to $202.1 million in July 2015;
  • Console Software: $210.3 million (-5%), as opposed to $221.2 million in July 2015;
  • Accessories (including Toys to Life category): $117.1 million (-5%), as opposed to $122.9 million in July 2015.


Software-wise, it’s the lack of truly major releases that hurt sales: July 2015 had the second month of Batman: Arkham Knight, after all.

Monster Hunter Generations was the best-selling new release in July 2016, though the NPD analyst notes that it sold 52% less (in dollars) than Rory Mcllory PGA Tour in July 2015… while conveniently “forgetting” to mention that the former costs $39.99, while the latter cost $59.99 at launch (and was a multiplatform release).

According to the NPD, sales by dollars for the titles in the Top 10 are down by 21% Year on Year.


Hardware sales dropped by 30% in July (in dollars), which is due to two things: a 10% drop in units, and a 22% drop in average sale price. The NPD reports that sales in dollars for portables actually increased by 23%, but it wasn’t enough to compensate for the drop for consoles: -37%.

The Nintendo 3DS did pretty well, thanks to the price drop for the Nintendo 2DS and the launch of Monster Hunter Generations. Sales in dollars increased by 44%, to $28 million, as a result. The Nintendo 2DS itself sold 78 000 units, which is a 5 time increase. Globally, Nintendo 3DS sales increased by 18%.

Source: NPD
Via: VentureBeat



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