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NPD: some data for January 2017

Yesterday, the NPD published its monthly report for the American market, and in January, Software sales were up but everything else was down. Total sales generated $610.7 million in revenue, which is a 4% decrease Year on Year ($636.7 million in January 2016). The drop is primarily due to Hardware, as you can see below.

Here’s some raw data to begin:

  • Hardware: $127.1 million (-19%), as opposed to $157 million in January 2016;
  • Console Software: $312.5 million (+14%), as opposed to $273.9 million in January 2016;
  • Accessories (including Toys to Life category): $155 million million (-17%), as opposed to $187.5 million in January 2016.


The NPD reports that the increase in sales is primarily due to the good performance of Resident Evil 7, though it wasn’t enough to compensate for the drop in Hardware sales. Spending for the Top 5 titles was 17% higher than during the same month, in 2016.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a single game on a Nintendo platform in the Top 10 for January, not even a multiplatform title.

Also, the NPD shared the Top Software for the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. Let’s start with the Top 10 for the Wii U:

And here’s the Top 10 for the Nintendo 3DS (actually, it’s the Top 10 for handhelds, but with the state the PS Vita has been for quite a while now, it’s effectively a Nintendo 3DS-exclusive Top 10):

To the surprise of no one, Nintendo dominates both those charts, and the only two non-Nintendo titles in them is Minecraft: Wii U Edition and Just Dance 2017. Unfortunately, this isn’t really due to Nintendo’s titles selling incredibly well, and more that everything else sold incredibly poorly…


Unfortunately, absolutely no data was shared for Hardware…

Source: NPD
Via: VentureBeat / Mat Piscatella (NPD)


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