Mario Sports Superstars: trailer for Horse Racing

Today, Nintendo uploaded the latest trailer for Mario Sports Superstars, which showcases a “new” sport: Horse Racing. In this one, you get to participate in some rather wild races, filled with obstacles to avoid, items to grab to get a massive boost in speed, and more.

But racing isn’t all there is to that sport: you also need to chose your horse really carefully, and then take care of it. In order to win, you have to form a deep bond with it, which will improve its performances during races. To do so, you feed it, brush its hair, and unlock various accessories for it to wear.

Here’s the trailer for Horse Racing in Mario Sports Superstars:

Here’s what we wrote about it in a previous post:

You can chose not just your horse but also your jockey, before speeding around 12 different courses (set in 4 distinct areas). To be the first to reach the finish line, you need to pick up the various items that litter the tracks: the stamina-replenishing carrots, and the special-building Stars. And using double-jumps, you can reach high-up items, that your opponents may not be able to reach.

Speaking of the Stars mentioned above, once you’ve collected enough of them, you can use the Star Dash to get an “incredible” speed boost: a great way to catch up to your opponents if you’re lagging behind. But don’t try to get too far ahead: horses actually gallop faster when they’re together (something known as the Herd Effect). In order words, you need to chose the right time to dash!

And in case you missed it, here’s some gameplay footage for all 5 sports in Mario Sports Superstars, from the official website in Japan:

Mario Sports Superstars (3DS) comes out on March 10th in Europe, March 24th in North America, and March 30th in Japan.



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