No More Heroes 3: latest video showcases DonMai Sushi and Toilet Saves

Last month, Marvelous began sharing some videos for No More Heroes 3, showcasing some of the elements and gameplay mechanics of the game. The first one was about the Beam Katana (and the unique way to recharge its batteries), the second one showcased two mechanics of the battle system (Emergency Evade and Weapon Clash), the third one was about Slashes & Death Blows, the fourth one about Death Kick & Death Force, the fifth one about Death Rain & Death Slow, the sixth one about Mustang Mode & Throw Mode, the seventh one about Full Armor Travis, and the eigth one about Retry Roulette.

The latest video showcases two things: DonMai Sushi and… Toilets.

First: DonMai Sushi. Introduced in Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, those are sushi bars you can find in stages. Make sure to drop by and get some delicious sushi to eat: this will not only allow you to get your HP back, but you will also get to enjoy various effects that will help you get the upper hand in battles.

Second: Toilets. If you’ve ever played a No More Heroes game before, you already know how those work. Just like in previous entries, they allow you to save the game while inside levels. It’s highly recommended to save at any possible opportunity, and especially right before a boss battles!

Here’s the video:

No More Heroes 3 (Switch) comes out on August 27th worldwide.


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