Nintendo Switch Online: upgrades from Personal to Family Plan with discount coming in October

Nintendo have announced that, from October 1st, it will be possible for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers to upgrade from a Personal Plan to a Family Plan with a discount (instead of simply losing the remaining days of the current subscription). That discount will be calculated based on the number of remaining days in your Personal Plan.

In Japan specifically, each remaining day in your current Personal Plan subscription will net you a 6 Yen discount on the Family Plan. In other words, if you’re upgrading to a Family Plan with 100 days left in your in your Personal Plan, you will be able to get a 600 Yen discount.

Nintendo specifies that you can only get up to 4 500 Yen back as part of this promotion, which makes sense: it’s the price of the Family Plan. In other words, if you stacked Personal Plans, then you will only be able to get 4 500 Yen back in total even if the total number of remaining days would make the discount go beyond that point.

Of course, the discount will only apply to the first Family Plan subscription, as it’s not a permanent discount (just a way for you to avoid losing subscription days). The remaining days of the Personal Plan will also disappear, and will not be added to the Family Plan subscription. And needless to say, users with the free trial for Nintendo Switch Online will not be eligible to any discount.

The discount rates for Europe and North America will be revealed at a later date.

Source: Nintendo / Nintendo (Twitter)



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